Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


28. The End of One...

Lusetta's POV~

I was halfway up the steps to the throne room when Zayn contacted me. "You're sure?" I asked, praying for him to be joking. "Yes, I'm sure. He forced the guards to lie under the penalty of killing their families." He replied. "Damnit!" I cursed out loud. I pulled out my sword and looked at the rune for the first time in forever. "Queen of Darkness" I read a couple times over, getting used to the rune again. I stepped out onto the throne room floor, listening for anything that could indicate where he was. "Well, well, well... My little sister has come to play." He called from behind me and I smiled. "Yes, and she plays for keeps, last I checked..." I heard him laugh and turned to look at him, suddenly backing up in awe. His muscles were bigger than they once were and he looked far more intimidating than he once was. "Well, looks like you finally grew the hell up. It's about fucking time!" I called, trying to piss him off. It worked! He growled and charged at me  at full speed. I jumped to the left just as he got an inch away from me. His sword grazed my left thigh, drawing a small amount of blood. I growled and went to shift forms, but just as I did, an iron collar clamped around my neck. There were tips of daggers welded into the sides, pointing inward toward my tender neck. I looked at my brother with heated eyes. "Now, now, little sister... You didn't really think I was going to play fair, did you?" I sneered, knowing that I could slip it. My brother, however, seemed to not know just how special I really was. "No, I guess not. After all, I am so much better than you that you'd have to cheat in order to beat me!" I was being a cocky and arrogant bitch, the kind of person that I hated, but it helped keep him distracted. His sword was dangling from his hand by his thigh lazily whereas I was in a constant fighting stance with my sword at the ready. He took a wild jab at me which I easily deflected, causing shock to cross his face. "Oh! I see! You strengthened up and got faster, but you never worked on your technique!" His face flushed and he rolled his eyes, taking up the same stance as I had. He tried to land a blow on my upper left arm, but it was an easy parry. I thrusted my sword towards his thigh and then redirected it at his neck, causing him to nick his own leg as my sword bit at the flesh on his neck. He cursed and made for my stomach which I had to jump back to avoid, tripping and landing flat on my ass. He took that opportunity to stab straight through the cut on my thigh, breaking bone and severing muscles as he went. He yanked his sword, causing the hole to grow slightly, but before he could pull it fully out, I grabbed the sword by the blade and snapped it in half, the point protruding from the back of my thigh. I jumped up onto my right leg as he stood, completely sunned, in front of me. I threw my sword through his heart, but knew that it wasn't the end. I hopped over as he fell, taking his sword tip and slitting his throat with it while his body convulsed on the floor. He kept convulsing for another minute after it was done, but soon his body became still and fell silent. "Burn the body and then bring his ashes to my room where I can keep an eye on them." My head guard, James, nodded and grabbed a torch and starting the process. I hobbled down to the dungeon and walked past the cowering guards to Zayn's cell. I couldn't see him well because of the darkness in the cell, but I could hear his chains rattling against the floor and ordered that they be undone. I walked into the dark room, all that was visible being his eyes. "Zayn, I'm so--" I began, but he cut me off as he kissed me passionately. It was only then, as I felt his body against mine, that I noticed he was completely naked. I smiled and then laughed quietly, breaking the kiss. "What, Lu?" He asked as I pulled away from him. "I don't mean to alarm you, but... You're kind of naked..." He looked down and then blushed, stepping into the darkness as I walked out of the cell and ordered clothes to be brought to him while I went to check on how the fire was going.

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