Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


38. The Competition Begins

Zayn's POV~

I woke up in my own bed, slightly confused as of to how I got here. Lu is sitting on the edge of my bed, so I sneak up behind her and hug her. She stiffens slightly and then leans into me after a moment. I nibble her neck slightly and she stands, leaving me fumbling to catch myself. "Zayn, we need to talk..." I watch as she turns to face me, tears streaking her cheeks and I bolt off the bed to her, but she backs away. "Ty has confessed his feelings for me... again. And, I told him I'd give him a chance." I can tell that my face falls when she avoids my gaze in favor of staring at the floor. "I'm not sure why I did it, but I did... I can't take it back, so... You two are basically in a competition for my heart..." I step closer and she flinches as I wrap my arms around her. "I will always fight for you... Always..." I kiss her forehead and she smiles for a second before it fades. I grin and then kiss her lips, my hands at her waist as her arms circle my neck. I pull away and let her go, watching as her eyes radiate sorrow. "It's alright, I'll win your heart, My Love." She looked at the floor and then quietly slipped out the door into the hall, leaving me to collect myself as my heart shatters to pieces.

Lu's POV~

I walked down the hallway to my room, wishing that I was headed to Zayn's instead. I walked in and soon noticed a beautiful new dress on my bed. It was long and flowing, layer upon layer of black and red silk spilling over the side of the bed. "Do you like it?" Ty's deep voice asked from behind me. I jumped and turned to find him holding a matching pair of flats. I nodded and he walked over to me, motioning for me to sit on the bedside. As I did, he slipped off my heels and put the flats on. "Get changed. I have somewhere I want to take you."

Ty's POV~

She walked out of the room and spun for me, the dress fitting just the way I envisioned it on her. I held out my hand to her and she hesitantly took it, smiling at me and batting her eyes. "So, where are we going?" She asked, her voice like honey to me. "You'll see." I said, smiling down at her. I knew it was rather uncomfortable for her right now, but I just knew that she could come to love me like I loved her. She seemed to relax as I opened her carriage and helped her in. Once the folds of her dress were out of the way, I hopped in with her and thumped on the roof to set the carriage in motion. I stayed on my side as I reached my hand over and twined our hands together, smiling as she blushed and batted her eyes at me. "So... Ty... Why did you want this chance of yours?" I watched her smile in that charming way of hers and wanted desperately to kiss her. "I love you..." She cocked her head to the side as she looked at our hands. "You have for a while... But, why now?" I brought her hand up to my lips for a kiss, the connection making my face heat, and whispered, "Because I'm losing you to him." She frowned and I opened my mouth to tell her something, but the carriage stopped and the carriage driver announced that we were here. I opened the door. "After you, My Queen."

Lu's POV~

I walked out into glittering lights and a beautiful fountain. I walked to the fountain and touched its intricately detailed carvings, horses and warriors all over the side. "I didn't know places like this existed down here..." He chuckled as he approached and put his arm around me. "Only within the walls of the palace-city" I looked up at him and watched the way his jaw clenched when I ran my hand along his jawline, his blue eyes shining with need. A sudden yearning came over me so strong that I had to look away from him, choosing instead to look into the pool of the fountain. His hands found my waist and he pulled me to him, increasing that yearning feeling. "Come on. Let's go inside." He said quietly, his voice thick with an emotion I didn't quite recognize. We walked to the front door and glided through, escorted by a demon who said he had the perfect seats. We walked into the place and it turned out it was just a place of lights, alcoves, and books. An amazing library hangout. "I had it decorated just for you." He whispered as I touched a dragon above my head made of jade. He got in the left side and I got in the right, pulling out a book and reading the first few sentences and immediately deciding to read it. "Lu..." Ty said, pulling down my book to see my face. I blushed again and cleared my throat. "Yes?" He smiled. "We're not just here to read. We need to talk." I nodded, signaling him to continue. "Lusetta... What was it like before you were half demon?" I blinked back my surprise and flickered a smile. "It was... less complicated. I was doing great in school, just about to graduate. Boys loved me and I even loved a few of them. It was... more normal than the life I lead now." He nodded. "Your friends went back home early this morning." I didn't let my surprise show as I nodded, taking it in strides. We read for a while, chatted pleasantly and then got back in the carriage. When we neared the castle, he took my hand in his again. "I had fun tonight." I whispered, looking up at him through a lock of unruly hair. "Me, too." He mumbled. I smiled and that need filled his eyes again, so strong and intense it sucked the air from my lungs. I moved toward him before I realized what I was doing and looked deep into his eyes. He leaned the rest of the space and kissed me, using his free hand to cup my face.

Ty's POV~

Her kiss obliterated me. I never wanted it to end as I untangled my hand from hers and laid my hand on her waist, still cupping her face with my other. My body heated as she sighed and I kissed her deeper, greed making me hungry for her. A knock on the side of the carriage had her reeling back, her kiss still buzzing on my lips. "We're here." The driver called. I opened the door and watched as she went walking into the castle, her hair billowing behind her and her dress flowing gently in the breeze.

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