Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


33. Once Horror Sinks In, Rage Will Ensue.

Lusetta's POV~

I woke up the next morning  to complete and total chaos. It was hell to have to explain what had happened during the night to Zayn. "... and then I came back inside and got into bed." I finished, examining the look of horror on his face. "How could you do that to her? She had thirty more days to live! Yes, what she did was wrong, but you did something just as wrong as her by-" "I did what was right!! Had the execution not taken place last night, then the shifters could not have gone back to the upper world. The demons were planning to go above ground and cause havoc, but the shifters are there to keep them down here. They're more powerful than the regular demons, so the demons don't dare to challenge them." He groaned in frustration and I growled fiercely, causing him to shrink back. "I'll be in the training corridor if you need me..." I whispered, not giving him a chance to answer before I walked out. I began walking swiftly down the hallway, drawing my sword and getting a firm grip on it in anticipation for what I was about to do. "My Queen?" a voice boomed from behind me, causing me to jump. I turned, ready for a fight, but relaxed when I saw that it was only Ty. I blushed slightly and smiled to him. "Ty... What are you doing here?" I asked, watching as he moved with all the grace of a panther. I turned my focus back to his face. "Just keeping an eye on you. It's kinda my job." He joked as a grin spread across his face. "I see... Well, I'm going to train. Come with me and I'll tell you about the crazy dream that I had." He smiled broadly as I turned and opened the doors to the sparring hall. All of my knights trained in the massive hall, but it was vacant today, which was odd. "So... About this dream, My Queen?" I smiled as I took my fighting stance and hit the dummy once on the leg. It didn't do much damage, but it got some of my anger out. "I had a dream that you put me to bed with Zayn and then said some things that... I really don't think you'd say, and then you kissed me... It was really weird, huh?" He flinched slightly and then started smiling. "Yes, quite weird. Why do you think you'd dream that?" I shrugged and sliced at the dummy some more, leaving deep gouges where my sword had landed. "I was hoping that you might be able to tell me. You always give the best advice when it comes to me." He nodded and stood, going towards the doors. "I will go research it in the library and see what I can find. I shall return soon." He bowed and left the room. I smiled and looked at my sword, a sturdy blade that I had used forever. Let's try something, shall we?" I asked, getting into my fighting stance once more. As I thrust my sword at the dummy, I lit the blade on fire, causing the dummy to catch fire as soon as the sword met it. I smiled and began to swing the blade furiously but efficiently. I growled as memories flooded my mind and my swings became harsher, cutting chunks out of the dummy as if it were mere cloth. I felt my anger, regret and sorrow swelling and threw the sword across the room, embedding it in the wall as I tore at my head. I roared, shifting into a dragon and tearing at the floor. The castle shook as the might of my emotions slammed against the four walls of the sparring hall. I clawed tapestry's, walls, and anything else I could get my giant claws on. As I slammed my bod into the outer wall, desperate for space, Ty came rushing in and I fixed my gaze on him, a low rumble coming from my throat as I saw his drawn sword pointed in my direction. He hastily sheathed it and bowed before me, his eyes never leaving mine. He walked towards me slowly, speaking in a soft voice with kind words. "I have no need nor want for your pity and help. Leave me be. I grieve and live alone." He began to protest, but I opened my maw as wide as it would go and roared again, a bit of flame escaping as I did so. He backed away and muttered curses under his breath. I growled and threw myself against the wall once more, but to no avail. As I clawed at the wall, panic setting in as I began feeling trapped, Ty walked over and put his hand on my tail. I whipped my head around to face him and growled menacingly as the tip of my snout came within inches of his face. "I told you to go. Leave your Queen!" I shouted, snapping my jaws at him. He stayed where he was and, when I found no other alternative, I shifted back into my human form. He hugged me tightly without warning and I hugged him back, glad that the storm had abated for now. "I think you need some more rest after last night. Would you like to hear what I found on the way back to your room, My Queen?" I nodded and we began the walk back to my room.

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