Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


19. I want my body back

Anna's POV~

"Something isn't right about her... Her aura has changed somehow..." Harry looked up at me from where he sat on the floor. We had been arguing for a while now, but I just felt different now. "I think it's just because she looks different and the fact that she came back from the dead." I nodded, giving in. "I hope you're right..."

Lu's POV~

"You knew the consequences, Lusetta. Why would you give your life for a helpless mortal?" He asked, making mortals sound utterly horrid. "Because I love him, My King" I spat, insulting his power and pride. I was, of course, talking with the king of the underworld... The devil. I was a demon, after all. "And, you expect me to let you go? Just like that?" He growled. I smiled wickedly and looked up at him. "The only reason that Hell is still yours is because I haven't decided to take it over yet... But, I could if you'd like." He shuddered at the thought of losing his kingdom to the likes of a half-demon. I knew all of his thoughts.... I could read them. Down here was where my powers were strongest, so I could do things that I otherwise couldn't. "Yes, well, that and the fact that I have an army..." He growled the words, trying to be menacing. I sneered in spite of his words. "I could take out your entire army if I actually tried hard enough. Plus, I don't think you'd want me down here where I could start a revolt, hmm?" He was about to give in, but there was a catch. There always was with him. "Fine, but you'll have to fight your temp. My son took over your body for a while... Here, let me call him in."

Zayn's POV~

I heard a thump and turned around. Lusetta was on the ground again, unconscious. "Lu!" I ran back to her. She had been fine since she had come back, but I didn't know exactly what to do. I picked her up and raced over to Harry and Niall. "Harry... Niall... Help!" I was out of breath and slightly weak from running with her in my arms, so Harry took her from me. "What in the bloody hell happened, Harry?!" Niall asked, obviously concerned. "I don't know. She just... passed out..." I held her hand and tried to feel for her mind, but I couldn't. I had to keep trying!

Lu's POV~

He appeared in front of me in seconds. "Prince..." I said in a condescending tone. He sneered at me. "Princess... or at least that's what you're supposed to be!" I grabbed at his throat, squeezing gently. "How about you shut up now, brother, and I'll let you live past round one..." "Alright, children, quite enough!" I let him go, and looked at the devil, rage emanating from my eyes. "I am NOT your daughter and you know it!" He smiled. He loved getting to me and he knew just what buttons to push. "Yes, well, you might as well be. You're strong enough and smart enough and talented enough to be." I growled in response and he glared at me. His son stepped in between us, only a hair from setting me off and losing his life for his father. "Let's do this!" I pulled out my Light bow and shot him in the arm. He screamed as the arrow chewed away at his flesh, taking away the dark magic from the area. "What sorcery is this?!" He demanded through clenched teeth. I simply smiled and shot another into his leg. "It's a Light bow and arrow. It kills Dark and keeps Light." I pulled out my sword and the devil recoiled. It was a hand-and-a-half sword with some very important runes on it. "Queen Of Darkness" was what it read. I looked over at him with eyes of steel and smiled. "Recognize it, My Liege?" His eyes were wide as he bared his teeth at me. His son was on his knees before me, begging for his life to end. The arrows were doing their job, eating away at his flesh slowly. I put the point of my sword on his throat. "Do you really want this, Prince? Are you sure?" His voice was deep, but shaky. "Yes, sister. Please, I beg you!" My sword lifted and fell, slicing through his flesh with ease. His body convulsed for a moment and then stopped, lifeless and bloody. "My son..." His eyes were full of pain, but mainly hatred. "You made a bargain. This was your choice, not mine!" I pulled my sword from his throat as the king stood, stepping down from his throne. "You may have your body back on one condition... Save my son like you did your mortal...." I leaned over him and placed my hands on his chest. He gasped and his skin started flowing back together seamlessly. "I don't have enough power on my own..." The devil laid his hand on my shoulder and supplied me with enough power to heal a hundred people. Once it was done, I stood up and looked down at him. "How did you manage this?" I looked up at the devil, whom was actually being civilized for a moment and shrugged. "My powers flow stronger down here. I am able to do things I would otherwise not be able to do..." He waved his hand and smiled faintly. "Go back to your body. Your mortals will be missing you, daughter." "For the last time... I'm not your daughter..." "We will see..." And with that, I was gone.

I felt the cool air around me and opened my eyes. I was staring up at Zayn. He looked so far away from me. "Zayn? Is that you?" He nodded and smiled. "What happened? You were just fine up until about two hours ago... Then you fainted." My temp left and then I fell. That's what I wanted to say, but I settled for, "Nothing. I just had a moment..." He looked at me disbelievingly but nodded and didn't say anything. I stood up and changed into a dragon. "Come. We need to talk in private. Hop into the saddle." He looked confused, but did so without asking questions. "Are you alright, Zayn?" He nodded, but still said nothing. "What's wrong?" I asked, taking off into the air. "I just don't get it. Why would you give your life for me?" I snorted, thinking the question silly. "Because I love you and I wasn't ready to give you up yet. Yes, It changed my looks, but I'm still the same all in all." He smiled. "Yea, you've got that right." I banked left, heading over another forested area. "Was it hard to get back?" "A little. I had to fight some, but it was nothing too big." He rolled his eyes. "With you, nothing's ever big..." "Look, I had to fight off the devils son and then bring him back, but I need you to promise me something before I tell you anything else..." He sighed. "I promise whatever it is you need me to promise..." I landed in an open area and let him off, changing back into my new body and handing him my Light Bow. "If I ever go dark, use this on me..." He looked down at the bow and ran his fingers over the inscription. "What does it--" "He who wields this bow wields the power to kill the darkness and leave only the light behind him." He flipped it over in his hands. "So, it will take the evil out of you and leave only the light?" "Yea, exactly..." I lied. It would most likely kill me if it was ever to put a shaft into my flesh. "Only for that emergency, though, ok?" "Alright..." He agreed and put it in its quiver along with its arrows. I helped him adjust the strap on the quiver so that it could be slung over his back with ease. "There. You're ready to go..." He hugged me tightly and then leaned in, but too soon, I backed away. "Lu, what's wrong?" "I don't know... Something just doesn't feel right..." He looked into my eyes. I could see a shocked expression. "Zayn?" He pulled out the bow slowly and strung it. He must have seen it before I noticed because it hit me like a tornado. "One is black and one is blue!" He yelled as I hit the ground. My entire body was revolting, trying to keep the darkness away. "We'll see about you, my daughter..." I kept fighting, not wanting to let him win. He left as soon as he had come. My breath was ragged as Zayn cautiously walked over. "Lu?" I groaned and he looked into my eyes. "They're back to normal, now... two blue eyes..." I sighed, relief flowing through my body. "I love you, Zayn..." "I love you, too, Lu." He kissed me on the cheek and then helped me up. It was time to get back to the rest of the group...

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