Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


41. I Had To....

Lu's POV~

I pulled my boots on and slid into a tux-looking suit. "Lu?" Zayn asked from the bed, his bare chest glowing in the morning light as he sat up. "Yea?" I replied as I tucked some daggers at my hips. "What time is it?" He asked, his voice deep and rough with sleep. It was almost enough to get me to rejoin him. "Four AM..." He groaned and stood, stretching as he walked over to me. "Do we have to leave this early?" He asked, wrapping his arms around me. "You aren't. Ty is bringing you later." He let me go and I sighed. "Please don't argue." He frowned and plopped back on the bed. "Stay safe." He grumbled. I nodded and made my way out of the castle. At the gates, Ty was waiting to see me off. He handed me a small pack and I slid it onto my back. "Please... bring him to me safely." I whispered. He nodded and I unfurled my wings through the slits in my shirt. He stood back and I took off, heading for one of the many tunnels that led to the surface. After ten seconds of darkness, I emerged on the surface, the sun a blinding orb against the darkness I had grown accustomed to. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I found Anna off in a field to the side. I alighted beside her with a rush of air and she jumped. "Dang, Lu, calm down." I nodded and smiled faintly. "Why have you called me here, Anna?" She pointed to a cave and I noticed everyone else surrounding the entrance. "We trapped an ice demon down there and I wondered what you wanted done with it." I sniffed the air, scenting the air until I caught her scent. "She has some answering to do." I mumbled, pulling out my sword and heading for the cave. This one had an unusual scent and I wondered what had happened to cause it. Anna caught up to me and pulled on my arm. "Hey, aren't you gonna wait for Zayn?" I shook my head and pulled out of her grip, trying not to let on that what I had scented had me on alert. "I'm going in alone. Make sure she doesn't backtrack and escape on me." With that said, I headed into the darkness.

Zayn's POV~

I had been up since Lu had left, pacing the room until I heard footsteps outside. Ty knocked and strode in, looking bored and not the slightest bit worried. "Time to go." I stared in disbelief at how calm he was, barely containing the rage at how a man who "loved" Lusetta could dare to be calm in her absence. I took his arm and we ported to the upper world, my eyes being unused to the light after being underground for so long. I shielded my eyes and looked around the field we had come to. Ty snarled and I looked up at him. He was acting odd, but he looked fine enough. "I haven't been above ground in quite a while." He grumbled, walking over to the nearest shady spot he could find. I walked around a little while before finding everyone outside a cave. "Zayn!" The boys called collectively, tackling me to the ground and piling on top of me. I laughed as they each took turns telling me what they had done while I had been away. When they were finished, Haley came up and helped me to my feet. "Anna and Lu are already in the cave. We tried to stop Anna, but she brushed us off and did as she wanted." I looked to the mouth of the cave and shivered. It had an odd feel, cold and foreboding. A scream rang out from within and I took off at a run, hurtling into the dimly lit cave. 

Lu's POV~

I had been walking for about twenty minutes now, lighting torches as I went to light the darkness. "You can come out, Anna. I heard you five minutes ago." For a few seconds, there was continued silence but Anna was at my side moments later. "I was being really quiet... How did you hear me?" I pointed to my slightly pointed ears, a constant visual reminder that I was different. We chatted pleasantly for a few more minutes before the air went deathly cold and stale. I pushed Anna behind me and threw the torch as far as I could. It landed just short of a pale being with silver hair. "So, Lusetta... You finally took that throne of your fathers'?" I nodded, my heart pumping double time and my mind racing faster than it ever had. "Do you even remember me?" She asked, looking wounded at the thought of my forgetting her. "No, Evangiline, I have not forgotten you. Not since middle school." She laughed, the sound like a dozen tinkling cymbals. I backed up, fearing the worst out of this meeting. "Who is she?" Anna asked, causing Evangiline's gaze to finally land on her. "She was a part of the Legion of Angels, but she was kicked out..." She drew a sword and I mirrored her move. "Bringing a human to this battle? Such a stupid thing to do..." She threw a dagger with her left hand and it grazed my hip, embedding itself in Anna's side. She screamed and I instinctively threw her back, launching towards Evangiline. Her eyes went wide as I slammed into her, knocking her into the back of the cave. She slashed at my exposed chest as I backed away, landing a mark on my left breast. I hissed and the swordplay began. The swords were nothing more than flashes of light as the sparks danced where the blades met. For every stroke of her blade, mine jumped to meet it and dance a dance most fatal if one made a wrong move. Anna groaned from the other side of the cave and I turned to look at her. Blood was pooling around her and her eyes were fluttering. "Ha!" Evangiline yelled as she jabbed for my chest. I jumped back, trying to avoid the impending death that the blade meant. Her blade slid in an inch before I managed to escape. I held the wound which was bleeding rather heavily and swung my sword in a wide arc, aiming for her slender neck. She yelled and jumped out of the way, narrowly escaping being decapitated. "You little..." She threw her sword and it went completely through my shoulder, shoving me back and pinning me to the wall. I screamed and tried my hardest to keep still so the blade wouldn't do any more damage. "You will die, Lusetta... I will be accepted back into the Angel Legion and we'll wipe out everything." I groaned as my muscles twitch against the blade, severing several of them. She prowled over to me and then let her hand near my face. I flinched involuntarily away from the ice forming on her fingertips and caused several more inches of my skin to rip. I cried out and she slammed her hand into my chest. I felt the air rush out of me as she began freezing my skin in a path to my heart. My chest seized and fire rushed from my body to meet the ice she was forming, but it was a losing battle. "Just give up. I've gotten too far for you to be able to reverse it. In only a few more seconds, your heart will stop beating and-" She was cut off as an arrowhead burst from her brow directly between her eyes. She slumped to the ground and I found Zayn standing a good hundred feet away. "Z-zayn... Anna..." He looked over and rushed to her side. "She's unconscious..." He whispered. Ty burst into the cave and immediately ran over to me, his face draining of color when he noticed the sword I had been stabbed with. "Zayn... Carve out her heart...." I pointed to Evangiline and groaned at the pain it caused. "I can't just-" "It's  the only... only way to save Anna..." I looked over at him, my eyes pleading. He looked at the dead girl and then sprinted over with a small dagger. A wet squishy noise came from her corpse and moments later, he stood before me with a heart. "Push it... against... her chest." He looked horrified, but did as I asked. With that taken care of, Ty focused solely on me. "Lu, you know-" "Yes, I am aware." I snapped. He looked at me with the sadness of a hundred stray puppies and I knew he wouldn't be able to do what had to be done. "Go help Zayn with Anna. I'll do this by myself.." He shook his head and smiled a little lopsided smile. "No." I was about to protest when he kissed me. The electric shock came instantly, buzzing happily through my body. I heard a growl from across the room and running footsteps as Zayn tackled Ty. The movement jarred my body and I groaned. Within seconds, Zayn was up and about to jump Ty. "Zayn..." I whispered helplessly. He looked into my eyes and immediately saw what lay there. "No..." He whispered in return, searching my face for another answer. I looked over at Anna and saw that she was gently moving, testing her half-dead limbs. "I have to." Zayn traced my lips and placed a gentle kiss where he had traced. After a second, he deepened the kiss and my focus was obliterated. His body tensing, he grabbed the pommel of the sword and pulled. With the sound of metal on stone and bone, it was pulled from both the wall and me. I screamed as my blood began to spill on the ground in a steady stream. Ty grabbed my shoulder and applied as much pressure as he dared while Zayn ripped his shirt to pieces, creating a long enough bandage to  cover the area. "Lu?" Anna asked from directly behind Zayn. I flinched and backed away, causing both Ty and Zayn to hold me secure while they finished wrapping me up temporarily. "Don't come any closer, Anna. You'll hurt me if you even touch me." Anna gave a confused look and then looked down at the dead girl in front of us. "Oh God..."

Anna's POV~

I was half angel now. As my fear grew, ice crystals began forming on my hands. "Anna, calm down..." Lu urged, looking at me with fear and regret. I took deep breaths and tried to calm my racing thoughts. "It's only until you get to your dad. He can remove that one and give you one of his artificial hearts... You'll be fine." I flinched and touched my chest, knowing that a second heart was beating there where before only one had been. I ran from the cave, grabbed Harry by the arm, and took flight for my Dad. He would fix all of this.

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