Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


3. Death and Escape

"NOOO!" I cried, not wanting to believe that the shrill screams were coming from inside my home, but they were. My family was burning alongside my home and there was nothing I could do. I ran to the shed, desperate, and grabbed my dads' ax. I started to hit the door, bit stopped mid-swing before my third hit. "Air only fuels a fire..." I thought aloud, remembering my science lesson the week before. " Please, please, please..." I begged, watching the door with anxiety. My heart pounded, and i collapsed, falling like the roof to the foundation.~

I woke with a jolt when something burned into my leg. The ashes were everywhere, a symbol and reminder that the fire wasn't just a nightmare. Medics were everywhere, talking about the "one that was missing." I stood up, gravity pulling at every fiber in my being. "There she is!" a medic screamed, and i grabbed my head as it throbbed and bracing myself as I fell backwards onto the ground. They got me loaded into an ambulance parade... Or at least that's how it felt, watching five others follow us... and knowing what and who they carried... my family, only this time, they weren't coming back fine. They were coming back in body bags...~

After much discussion, they declared me healthy and clear. I was to go to an orphanage or foster home come morning light. So, I began to think of ways to get out. "I doubt I can walk out, they stationed guards at the door... can't bust the window out, too much noise... I could say I'm hungry and make them go.. no, the nurses take care of that..." Then my curiosity got the best of me and I cracked the door open a bit and looked around. The hallway was empty, devoid of any visible life, almost ghostly in appearance... So, I made my move... I slipped silently out the door and closed it behind me, slinking further away. as soon as the door was shut, I began walking down the hall. I was looking for an exit, a way out, but all of the doors were either leading into a room or had "EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY!!" stuck on it in red letters.  Once I had finally found a safe and quiet exit, I ran. I didn't know where I was going, or what i was going to do when I got there, but right then, I didn't care. I had lost everything and had nothing to lose, nothing to go back for, and nothing to live for... Soon, I ran out of breath in a snow-covered wood and collapsed, crying myself to sleep.

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