Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


34. An Ex?

Lusetta's POV~

"You see, My Queen, dreams are usually controlled by our desires or fears. What we dream usually comes from our subconscious and is buried within our minds for a long period of time. It also happens that it may be a memory replayed or some sign that something must or may happen. And, sometimes, dreams happen for no reason." I nodded as he finished and looked up, finding myself at the library. "Why, exactly, did you lead us here, My Queen?" Ty asked as he realized where we were. "I... I don't know. I was just kind of walking and ended up here..." He opened the door for me as I walked in, finding no one else in the massive room. "I had forgotten how huge this place was until now. It's been too long since I was last in here." He smiled and stood by the doors like the head guard that I knew he was. I began to walk down the isles and isles of fiction novels, my mind wandering at the covers and spines. "Do you like to read, Ty?" I asked, loud enough for him to hear by the doors. I felt hands around my waist and went stalk still. "Oh, you know that he does. He loves books! Books about you and all. Because, well, he loves you." I swallowed hard and blinked a couple of times. "Yes, My Queen. I love reading. We've been through this conversation many times!" Ty replied, obviously unaware of the intruder. I made to yell out to him, but stopped short as I felt cool metal touch my tender neck. "Now, now, none of that. We don't want him ruining this precious time that we have together, do we?" I shook my head slowly, terrified that, if I didn't, he'd slit my throat. "My Queen?" I heard Ty call along with footsteps indicating that he was coming my way. "Tell him that you're fine or I will kill you." I took a quick breath and steadied myself to my best of abilities. "Ty, I'm fine. there's no need to worry. Oh, and... by the way... It's lovely outside and I want to go for a ride later. Could you go and saddle my mare?" I said with a bit of a shake still in my voice. I heard him come to an abrupt stop and prayed that he remembered. "Um... Of course, My Queen. Right away." I heard him walk to the doors and, to my horror, open and close them. "Ooh, very good. Now, we're alone, too. Perfect..." He ran his hand from my hip to my side, the cold steel still touching my neck. I could do nothing without risking him spilling my lifeblood onto the floor. I whimpered and it was then that I heard nearly silent footsteps that the person behind me clearly couldn't hear. He moved his hand up to my neck and pinched at a nerve that I knew all too well. I cried out in pain and fear as my vision flickered and went hazy. "That's it. Go to sleep, Queen. Then, maybe all of our dreams can come true." I screamed and struggled to get away, but he was too strong and I was too disoriented. "I don't think so!" I heard Ty yell and the cold steel was removed from my neck. I fell forward, my vision starting to clear slightly due to the pressure being lifted. I saw Ty stab him straight through the heart without even hesitating, something that I had never seen him do before. I whimpered and pushed myself backwards as I watched the body fall to the floor, lifeless and bloody. "My Queen!" Ty gasped, coming closer to me. I backed away and whimpered even more. He stopped in his tracks and backed away from me, giving me the space that I so desperately needed. "Where is Zayn? I... I need him right now. He.... Please..." I cried, the tears flowing down my cheeks. He nodded and walked out of the library, leaving me alone.

Zayn's POV~

"Is she ok?" I asked for what seemed like the thousandth time. Ty hadn't spoken one word to me since he had come in and said that Lu needed me urgently. I heard him breathe in and out and growl slightly before he answered. "I really don't know if she's ok or not, Zayn. She's shaken up pretty badly. Some guy got into the castle somehow and... well, I killed him without a second thought. After that, she wouldn't let me anywhere near her." I nodded and walked through the open library doors. Seven guards stood by the entrance and were armed to the teeth. They weren't taking any more chances. "Lu?!" I yelled, trying to get her to respond. "Zayn?" I heard her call back, barely more than a whisper. I ran down the isles of books and found her against a wall by a bookshelf clutching one of her favorite fiction novels. "Zayn!" She yelled as I scooped her up in my arms. She shook slightly, but clung to me as if I was her lifeline. She sobbed into my chest, leaving my shirt soaked. "It's alright, Lu. I've got you. No one's going to hurt you now. I'm here. It's ok." I reassured her, causing her sobs to slow, but not to stop. I looked at Ty who had guilt written all over his face. "I want her kept safe at all times. You are the one to do that. Thank you for saving her life. I owe you one." He smiled and I felt Lu pass out in my arms. "It's no problem, Zayn. Just... don't break her heart, alright?" I nodded and began walking out of the library. On my way through the stacks, I noticed the body lying in a pool of its own blood. It was male with shaggy hair. I remembered Lu telling me about a guy who looked like him once. It was an old ex that had beaten her before she had her demonic abilities. He had been brought down here by orders of her father, the king, and tortured in the dungeons. I growled at his corpse and continued walking, heading towards mine and Lu's room. Ty walked the entire way with me, watching every hallway and opening that there was and looking for any danger that might lurk there. Once we reached the room, Ty went in and swept the entire place before letting us in. I laid Lu on the bed and then laid beside her, stroking her hair and speaking reassurances softly into her ear. "You can either stay or go, Ty. It doesn't matter to me as long as she's safe." He nodded and went to guard the door. I kept talking to Lu through the day and on into the night until I, too passed out.

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