Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


40. A Day Of Oddities

Lu's POV~

His arms were still around me when I woke, his bed fluffy and warm beneath me. I slipped from his grip and then out the door, heading to my room to get ready and wondering how he carried me here without waking me up. "My Queen." Ty rumbled, his voice deep from sleep. I turned to find him stretching on the floor. "Yes, Ty?" I asked, moving to help him up. "Are you alright?" He asked, motioning to my injured arm as I pulled him up with my good one. "Yes, Ty, I'm fine. I guess Zayn just kind of knew I didn't want to be alone or in my room last night after what happened." He nodded and fell into step beside me. He was the ever immovable force at my side and always had been ever since I was made princess all those years ago. "Thank you... for last night..." I whispered softly, making sure to keep my eyes ahead. "You are most welcome, My Queen." I smiled and he chuckled in response. "Something amusing?" I asked with a tad sarcasm. "Not at all, My Queen." He said lightly, trying to hide his smile. When we rounded the corner and my door came into view, my shoulders tensed and my chest constricted. He took my hand and squeezed it gently before heading into the room alone to search it. Moments later, he took my hand and led me inside. I took a quick look around before walking over to my closet and choosing my dress for the day, a long poofy indigo dress with an open back. "Can you.... help?" I asked quickly, not wanting to be alone in the room just yet. "Of course, My Queen." I rolled my eyes at his constant use of the honorific. I stripped of my nightgown and pulled the dress over my head, letting it fall before Ty set to work pulling and smoothing and straightening. Next came the laces that went from my tailbone to just below my shoulder blades. "How tightly do I...?" He mumbled, as if he was afraid to be heard. "Just tight enough to hold.... I'll tell you when to stop." He pulled on the strings slowly, stopping when I asked, and tied it once I was completely sure it wouldn't fall off. "Thank you." I breathed, looking in the mirror to make sure it was just like I wanted it. He said nothing, but I felt his hands trace the area along my back where my wings always sprouted after a moment, sending a jolt of pleasure through me like no other touch had. Before I knew what was happening, I had leaned back into his touch as my wings unfurled of their own accord. His hands ruffled my deep red feathers as he ran them down their entire length. I shivered and he pulled me to him, his left hand on my stomach and his right on my shoulder. I leaned my head back to rest on one of my wings and he gently kissed my neck. A small sigh escaped me and he seemed to notice where it was heading because he suddenly stepped back and looked away. I turned and looked at him questioningly, a heat now kindled in my core. "I wouldn't want to upset you again..." He whispered, the restraint and hurt evident on his face. I let a small smile creep across my face and walked over to take his hand. He looked up into my eyes and I felt his restraint flicker. I didn't know what or who I wanted anymore and it confused and scared me more than I'd like to admit. "You won't." I stated plainly, a fact needing to be heard. His gaze flickered from my eyes to my lips and I felt his grip tighten slightly, a sign that his confidence was back and stronger than ever. His arm slipped around my waist and he pulled me close, tracing my cheek as I traced his jaw. I batted my eyes as I looked into his eyes again and I could see his restraint snap. He pulled my face to his and our lips met for the second time in our lives. The spark was instantaneous and slightly scary, but I stayed where I was, seeing what would have happened last time if I had waited. He placed his hands on my hips and the spark dulled into a buzz that charged my entire body, the fear melting away and turning to a electric pleasure. He pulled away and looked me in the eye, seeming to ask a question that I answered with another kiss. 

Ty's POV~

I groaned low in my throat as she pulled me in for another kiss, gripping her waist slightly tighter as she gripped my shirt and pulled me with her to the bed and flipped to push me onto it, sitting beside me with a slightly disheveled air and a stern look. "I have to go hold court." She whispered, smiling deviously. She had planned to leave this whole time. "That's not fair..." I practically whined. She laughed in response, gleaning a smile from me. Was this what Zayn got every day? Lucky bastard... She stood, interrupting my thoughts, and went to the mirror to fix her hair, her wings blocking most of her from view. When she turned, the result was breathtaking. She had swept it up onto her head and even applied some makeup here and there. She raised an eyebrow and I nodded, giving her the ok to leave. She walked to the door and I stood, trailing her as was my duty. When we reached the throne room doors, Zayn was standing in a deep blue suit, the front open just enough to see a hint of the black shirt underneath. He smiled as he took her arm and walked her to the throne, forcing me to keep a very respectful distance from her. When she reached the throne and sat, she motioned for him to take the chair on her left and me to stand to her right. We took our spots and court began. She was fine for the first two hours, but by the end of the third, she was flagging. "Do you need me to give you a break?" I whispered. "No." Came her short reply. I nodded and the rest of the court went without incident. When the guards finally came in and told us that that was all of them, Lu sagged against her throne. Zayn took her hand and I leaned against the wall. I had gotten to leave a few times for various reasons, but she had stayed the whole time, ever the attentive queen. "That was a full ten hours...." She groaned. I smiled and Zayn stood, picking her up wedding style and motioning for me to follow. I pushed off the wall and fell in behind him. Before we even got to the end of the throne room, she was asleep, the court more mentally taxing than anything else she usually did. "What time is it?" Zayn asked, turning his head to look at me "Around eight PM." I mumbled, watching her limp body in his arms. He nodded and took the turn to her room. When we neared the doors, his shoulders sagged and he relaxed just a little. It was then that I realized he had carried Lu across half the castle. I rushed to open the door and do a sweep, finishing just as he laid her on the bed. She woke and rolled over on her stomach. "You can go, Ty." Zayn whispered as he began unlacing her dress. I tensed, but left the room.

Zayn's POV~

I fumbled with the laces a little, but I eventually got them undone. "How do you wear these things?" I asked, sliding her out of the dress a little at the time until she was left in her underwear. "It's mandatory for my station..." She mumbled, crawling under the covers and groaning. I put her dress back in the dresser and grabbed a book before sitting beside her. She laid her head on my thigh and I stroked her hair gently, opening the book and tilting it towards the fire so I could see. "Well?" I asked, looking down at her. "It wasn't as scary this time...." She pulled away slightly and I watched curiously as her entire demeanor changed. "It was nice?" I asked, trying to hide the pain in my voice. It must not have worked because she sat up, eliminating the touch entirely. "He touched the spot where my wings sprout and.... It was bliss, Zayn. Pure bliss..." She shook her head and curled into a ball. I felt the spike of envy rise in me, knowing I wasn't the one who caused it. "I see." I mumbled, closing the book and putting it aside. "Zayn, I want to be with you, but.... I... I'm not sure what's going on.." She whispered, wrapping her arms around her knees to hide her shaking hands. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against me, my suit rustling as it slid across her skin. "You didn't do anything wrong, Lu. You are keeping your word and I promised I'd fight for you. He's just doing the same..." She leaned against me and it was all I could do not to touch her shoulderblades to see if I could elicit a reaction as well. "Then why do I feel like it's wrong, Zayn? We have known each other since near birth and we were betrothed... Why couldn't I have just married you instead of all this?" She trembled in my arms and I stroked her hair again. "You can always just tell him you don't want to keep this going anymore..." I suggested as I brushed aside a lock of hair obscuring her right eye. She shook her head. "I can't." I nodded and held her close, feeling her warmth seeping through my clothes and warming my cold bones. I heard a noise outside the door and she was up in a matter of seconds, ready for a fight after only a few minutes rest. Seconds later, Anna rushed in. "Ummmmm..." She blushed as Lu grabbed a blanket and hid herself. "Hey, Anna." She chuckled, trying to cover up the awkward moment. "Yea... Hey... You guys need to come back." With that, she took off back out the door. Lu dropped the blanket and came back to bed. "We leave tomorrow morning." She grumbled before laying down and falling asleep.

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