~Diana Johnson's mother died when she was about four years old , now she's living with her abusive father .
Her idols , One direction , are the only people who are getting her through this .
One day when she scrounges up enough money for tickets .
She absolutely loves all their songs , little does she know , one will be written about her.~


2. chapter two

I looked in the mirror.

I wasn't pretty .




"Emo fag."

That last one was my favorite

Absolutely no one liked me . I was "forever alone"

I looked at my wrist .

Scars .

He told me to .

I deserved it.

I picked up the blade and slid it across my wrist back and forth as tears ran down my cheeks

"Die ." I whispered under my breath .

I stopped when my wrist was covered.

I got into the shower and let the water soak into my wounds .

I didn't even clean myself , I just really needed to calm down .

After about 20 mins I finally got out . I wrapped my wrist up in an ace bandage and my body in a towel and walked back to my room .

I put on my uniform and a jacket to cover the ... Bandage and cuts .

I put my hair into a bun and put on the most makeup I could to cover up my Ugly face .

I slipped on my converses and grabbed my phone off the counter and began making my walk to the the Fred bus stop .

Not the best morning commute by the way .

Once I got there , I popped in my headphones and blasted the 'Midnight Memories Album'

it seemed like they understood me .

I smiled

I turned the song to another album "take me home" and listened to little things , that song just spoke to me , I guess.

The bus pulled up

"Hey Glenda ." I said barely smiling

"Hey Diana ." She said as I walked onto the bus

I sat in the farthest back seat and layed my head on the window .

I had to be Monday , April 12?

I could never keep track of the dates

Finally we reached the mall and I hopped off the bus and ran down to the ticket station .

"One direction tickets , front row , $312"

"HERE!" I reached into my pocket and pulled put my life savings

"Whoa okay ."

The guy handed me the tickets and a butt load of change and I dashed off to my kiosk .

I waited .

No one came

I waited

No one came


I must've dozed off because I was awoken by the sound of my shift bell ringing.

I walked all the way home.


As soon as I got inside , I glanced down at the tickets .


They were VIP

I got to toooouuuuucccchhh them!

They were for this Thursday at the MetLife stadium .

I went straight to bed , I was going merch shopping tomorrow .

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