~Diana Johnson's mother died when she was about four years old , now she's living with her abusive father .
Her idols , One direction , are the only people who are getting her through this .
One day when she scrounges up enough money for tickets .
She absolutely loves all their songs , little does she know , one will be written about her.~


3. chapter three

I woke up to my dad banging on my door .

"What?" I groaned annoyed

"Some shit friend of yours is here ." He said walking away from my door now

I went downstairs to see who this 'friend' was

"Mckenzie?" I said excited

She had moved away in 9th grade to another town , that's when my mom Died and everything escalated

"Diana!" She said embracing me in a hug

"I've missed you so much , where Kelly?" She said referring to my mom

"S-she's gone ." I said sadly

"Gone? Like to work?" She said confused

"No , she was in an accident and she died due to extreme head trauma ."

"I'm so sorry ." She said tilting her head down

"It's absolutely fine , I have a question for you though ."


"What do you think of one direction ?"

"I don't really listen to them , but they're not unattractive people." She giggled

"I have two VIP tickets to their concert on Thursday , come with?"

"Abso-friggin-lutely!" She screamed

"Alright , well it's Tuesday , merch shopping?" I asked

She nodded

"Do you have a car?" I asked a but nervously

"Yeah , it's beautiful ." She said

"Let me get dressed , I'll be down in a bit"

I ran upstairs and threw on some black leggings and a baggy t shirt that read

'Fabulouis ' 'amazayn' 'phenomeniall' 'extraordiharry' & 'briliam .' In sparkly letters

I slipped on my converses and a black beanie and ran downstairs

"Let's Gooo!" I said running to her car


We raced into the mall and back to a special merchandise store

We bought everything from life size cut outs to slippers

"We need poster board!" I yelled

I grabbed some and some one direction stickers

Let's go get the our moment and that moment perfume ! And that lipstick they just made!" I said grabbing our items and making way towards the makeup department

We quickly got what we needed and ran back to the car .

"Can we go to yours , my dad will be pissed if I come back with stuff ?" I asked

"Sure . Your dad has never been the nicest person ." She said as we set things into the car

As soon as we got everything in we quickly drove off

We were in a higher class neighborhood now

Not like rich but almost suburban .

Kids were playing basketball in the street.

"Look who Mckenzie brought! That slutty emo fag! Hahahah!" One of the players sounded

Mckenzie responded by flashing her middle finger out the window and pulling into her driveway

"Don't let those faggots get to you ." She said rolling her eyes

"I'll try ." I said blowing some hair out of my eyes

I helped her carry all of our stuff in and we got straight to work on the sign for the concert

'Get a proper job you dicks '

To the paps

It had a hipster look to it with those little hearts that say things Like 'can you not' which were Mackenzie's idea

"Do you live alone , Mckenzie ?" I asked running over the pencil marks with sharpie

"Yeah , my parents kicked me out after I graduated and I bought this place ." She said

"I really don't wanna go home , can I stay here." I said sadly

"Of course !" She said happily

"Thanks ." I said smiling I picked up the poster and held it high almost letting my sleeve fall , but I caught it

"Looks good!" Mckenzie giggled

"Oh , they're gonna love this one ." I said

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