~Diana Johnson's mother died when she was about four years old , now she's living with her abusive father .
Her idols , One direction , are the only people who are getting her through this .
One day when she scrounges up enough money for tickets .
She absolutely loves all their songs , little does she know , one will be written about her.~


4. chapter four

Wednesday night was when we stayed up late gossiping the boys and didn't plan on going to bed

"Really , Kenzie , toy story ?" I said annoyed

"This is the best movie ever , shut your face ." She screamed

"Mckenzie , were 18 years old , too old for toy

story ."

"YOUR NEVER TOO OLD FOR DISNEY MOTHERFUCKER!" She opened the door and screamed out

"Kenzie , your the craziest person I know ."

"I try ."

I stuck my tongue out at her

"Childish." She whispered

"IM NOT THE ONE WATCHING TOY STORY ." I said laughing loudly

"Touché .." She whispered again

I got out my phone and played a couple round of flappy bird before going to Harry's Instagram .

'Cant wait to see you and the boys tomorrow , ily!'

Commented the same thing on Niall & louis

Damn you Liam and Zayn .

Have to be all stingy with your social media shit.

I sighed and opened up my music and blasted 'I would' right in Mackenzie's ear

"I can't hear Buzz's theme music you butt !" She screamed

"This is WAY better trust me ."

She sighed and flicked off the tv

"We should ask the boys to do a twitcam ." I said

"Okay ." She agreed

I opened twitter and went straight to Harry's , he's the most sympathetic , I think .

'Do a twitcam with the boys , PLEASE , it's been forever and I'm going to your concert tomorrow!"

(A/n tbh I have no idea how twitcams work or anything so the information I use to get to that is most likely wrong , js . )

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