~Diana Johnson's mother died when she was about four years old , now she's living with her abusive father .
Her idols , One direction , are the only people who are getting her through this .
One day when she scrounges up enough money for tickets .
She absolutely loves all their songs , little does she know , one will be written about her.~


5. chapter five

In that moment my dream came true .

"Twitcam in 5 ! :)x"

Harry convinced them ,

"YESSSHHHH!! Oh Jesus thank you!!!" I screamed

Kenzie brought me her laptop

We waited until the tab popped up that said they were twitcamming and I clicked on it quickly

They were all crowded around a computer , just staring

"Look ! 9000 viewers" Zayn said pointing to the bottom of the screen

"Okay , guys , you can ask us questions using the hashtag #askonedirectionanythingtwitcam" Liam said

I sat her laptop down and got into my phone

"Louis , what's your sassiest saying. #askonedirectionanythingtwitcam"

I waited

"Okay , we have a tweet from @Diana_the_directioner for louis , louis what's your sassiest saying ?" Liam asked

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT , THEYRE USING MY QUESTION!" I screamed into the screen

"I'd have to say...."

" I don't know ! There are way too many !" He laughed

"He is too cute , I swear ." I said smiling

"C'mon , I'm tired." Mckenzie said pulling me up the the spare bedroom and pushing me onto the bed and then going back into her room

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