~Diana Johnson's mother died when she was about four years old , now she's living with her abusive father .
Her idols , One direction , are the only people who are getting her through this .
One day when she scrounges up enough money for tickets .
She absolutely loves all their songs , little does she know , one will be written about her.~


1. another day , another dollar

I woke up and shifted over to the side of my bed. Since I had dropped out of school , I had to work at a kiosk in the mall .

I pulled my blue dyed hair out of my eyes and walked out of my room and into the bathroom . The bruises still visible from last night


"Why are you home so late , Diana?"

"S-sorry Dad . I had to take over my friend Ashley's shift ."

"Whatever Slut ."

"I swear to god dad ."

"What did I say about talking back ?"

A smirk grew wide over his face as he raised his hand and slapped me across the face .

I cried out .

"Shut up whore ."

He punched me in the gut

I managed to squirm back into my room .

"Stay in there ! Might as well Kill yourself."

End of flashback

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