A Twisted Vacation

Ponyboy and Soda decide to convince Darry to take them to a hotel in Kansas for winter break. A vacation away from such a dangerous place like Tulsa and with your best friends sound tuff, right? However, some escaped mental patients just so happen to be on the lose. They just so happen to want revenge!


5. Mysterious Secrets

Ashton's POV

Utopia and I were hanging out on the sixth floor, in her room sometime around midnight. She didn't have a roommate unlike everybody else did. Ever since the end of dinner, Utopia decided for us to pop in a movie and cuddle on her bed when watching it. Honestly, that was boring as hell in my mind; I'm not the type of guy who adored films, especially when trying to stir up any romance. I wasn't dating Utopia just to go my level of first base, which just so happened to be cuddling and hand holding. Why else would I be eager for the evening to arrive? If you know what I mean there, that is.

Utopia rested underneath me, sexy looking in her warm pajama pants that seemed to be keeping my lower body all cozy. I was running one of my hands through her brunette locks as we locked lips, but when I attempted sliding my other hand underneath her pajama shirt, she denied me. This wasn't the first time we've made out like this, meaning that this wasn't the first time I've been rejected to setting fireworks off. I was beginning to get annoyed as hell with her, but I wasn't going to just call off our relationship after dating for about a year already. I don't date anybody for nothing.

"Ashton, don't..." Utopia softly spoke, gazing straight into my eyes with complete innocence. "My father could walk in at any moment right now..."

I rolled my eyes at her, pretending to be playful when I was only growing more irritated. "Your old man went to bed 'round 11:00, babe. There's nothin' to be worried about. Now..." Instead of saying anything else, I slowly lowered myself so I could be soothingly kissing on Utopia's neck. I felt her tense up under my lips, which had me smirking, and a soft moan escaped from her lips as she started to run one of her hands through my hair.

This confidence began to rise up on the inside of me, just like I was hoping for. Just as I began to ignore the fact that I was making out with my girlfriend in a purple painted room, and on a orange bed with heart shaped pillows surrounding us, I started to use my free hand to attempt gently unbuttoning Utopia's pajama shirt.

"No, Ashton..." Utopia took a light grasp of my wrist and shook her head at me.

I hesitated, keeping my building up anger held back as I studied her for a moment. Then I just sighed. "How come?"

A frown spread across Utopia's face, and she crossed her arms over her chest. "I'm sorry, Ash...I'm just not ready yet."

"How can you not be ready?" I demanded to know, but I made sure that I was keeping my voice down. The last thing I needed was Mr. Roberts hearing me from a couple rooms down. "Babe, we're all alone in a hotel room with roses on your nightstand, and we have been making out around heart shaped pillows ever since that movie wrapped up!"

I backed off and allowed Utopia to sit up, still pouting away like a puppy with her arms crossed.

"I'm sorry, Ashton..." She apologized again, her voice pleading. "I just don't feel right about this right now."

I placed my hands on the opposite shoulders and faked a puppy pout. I was very good at pulling off different stunts and acts. "We've been dating for a year...how much longer do you need until the right moment arrives?"

"Honestly..." Utopia bit down on her bottom lip and hesitated. I could see the nervousness flooding up in her eyes. "...I don't know...but when it does come, I'll be sure to tell you that I'm ready."

I honestly felt as if I was beginning to keep one of my eyes from twitching. She had to be freaking kidding! She's just lucky that I'm still actually her "precious little boyfriend" after this full year of not getting lucky even once! Cuddling? Hand holding? That all isn't for me! I just want to get to my second base already! I've had many different girls like cheerleaders, hippie freaks, debaters, and just plain outsiders who practically begged me to go to second base already with them when I agreed to be their "special someone." Are all girls this crazy? Out of many beautiful females in the world, do they honestly believe that I would stick with only one of them forever and ever after second base? Hell no! Although, Utopia was the first and hopefully last girl that's ever rejected my attempts at setting off "love" works.

"Utopia," I sounded gentle, but I was actually starting to fight my annoyance to a whole new level on the inside. "You should know that as long as we're happily together, anytime is the perfect time to express our love to the next level." I took a careful grip of her hands and gently pressed them against fine. Our palms met and our fingers locked as we both now rested on our knees, gazing straight into each others eyes.

Utopia, however, looked unsure. She began to slowly roll her hazel eyes all over the place, staring anywhere but at me all of the sudden. Atleast that gave me the opportunity to silently mouth many cuss words to myself while I impatiently rolled my eyes.

"Ash, I..." Utopia began to speak up again, but before she could get another word to come out of her mouth, the doorknob suddenly sounded like it was suddenly being jiggled. Confusedly, I raised an eyebrow and slowly turned my head around so I could be gazing over my shoulder. When my eyes met the door, I realized that the doorknob really was jiggling, and that could only mean one thing. Somebody was trying to get into Utopia's room, but it couldn't have been Mr. Roberts since he had a key that unlocked every room in this hotel. As for the other guests, this hotel had some ridiculous rule about how nobody was allowed to leave their rooms passed 9:30, unless there was a fire or something like that. Utopia's old man was pretty fair, so if you left your room passed curfew, you would probably get a few warnings. Unfortunately, if you continue doing it over and over again, you would just get kicked out. I pretty much snuck out passed curfew each whenever I stayed at The County Lodge, but I never got caught. Never did, never will.

Utopia's eyes went wide, and she seemed to turn as white as a sheet, even though she was light brown.

"Oh my gosh!" She quietly exclaimed, now sounding terrified and nervous. Utopia absolutely hated cussing, but that didn't stop me or anyone else around her from doing it. "It's a robber! Should I call the cops?"

I rolled my eyes and slowly shook my head a few times. "Darling, I doubt that any robber would attempt sneaking into somebody's room by jiggling the doorknob. Trust me, I've been to jail enough times to know a robber's thoughts and actions like the back of my hand in the dead darkness."

Utopia blocked her now clenched shut eyes with her hands. Whimpering like a sick and lost puppy, she said: "Did you have to say d-dead, Ash?"

Again, the doorknob jiggled, but this time sounded a whole lot rougher. A soft squeak escaped Utopia's lips, and she began to tremble, as if she was wearing absolutely nothing in a blizzard. She was seriously too childish for her own good, but atleast that made it easier for me to tell her what to do here and there without her objecting or questioning me.

I snatched up my black-handle switchblade from where I placed it on Utopia's nightstand, right beside the pink vase full of yellow roses. After that, I quietly stepped my sock wearing feet down onto the light brown carpeted floor and flicked out my pointy blade, which I recently sharpened. I didn't need to look back around at Utopia to know that she was slimly peeking at me through her fingers.

"Ashton, what are you..." Utopia quietly whispered, but I cut her off.

"Shush, Utopia! You stay there...I'm goin' to go see who the jackass at your door is..."

"...Please don't swear in front of me, Ash...you know how I feel 'bout cussing."

I narrowed my eyes and rolled them at the mention of how sensitive Utopia was when it came to "bad language." They were just words! It wasn't as if a bomb would blow up every time somebody said a "bad word." Seriously, if that's how it went, the whole world wouldn't exist today. Besides...somebody is trying to get into the room, and all she's focused on is my language. Utopia really had to get her head out of the clouds and grow up...she's just lucky that she's so hot.

One small step at a time, I quietly began to tiptoe over towards the door. I froze in my tracks a every time that the doorknob jiggled again, each jiggling much rougher than the last. My heart was rapidly racing in my chest, but I wasn't afraid at all. I was always prepared for a fight, especially since I quickly learned well how to defend myself after growing up with five older brothers in one tiny household.

I could've sworn that I could hear Utopia quietly, but rapidly breathing, completely fearful from where she was remaining on the bed. She was probably clenching a pillow or hiding behind her own hands again, but I wasn't going to waste another second. The moment I reached the door, I took no hesitation to quickly unlock it with my free hand and swing it open. My other hand was ready to swing my switchblade down, but strangely...nothing but dimness was out there in the hallway. Confusedly, I raised an eyebrow and poked my head out into the hallway. Slowly, I gazed left to right, but nobody was out there.

"What in the..." I went on cursing under my breath, saying every word in the book as I poked my head back into Utopia's room. I turned around, but just as I closed the door behind me, I didn't realize that a dark figure shot passed the doorframe. I was too busy staring at Utopia, who was hiding her face in one of the heart shaped pillows and trembling like tomorrow didn't exist. I rolled my eyes and cussed some more to myself.

Utopia gulped. "Who was out there?"

"Nobody," I shook my head. "I looked out there, but all that's out there is the dimness from the ceiling lights. I didn't see anyone."

"What are you talking 'bout, Ash? That's impossible...the doorknob was jiggling...it can't just do that by itself." Utopia pointed out, no longer hiding her whole face behind the heart shaped pillow.

I crossed my arms over my chest and shrugged. "It was probably your old man or something. Who knows, maybe one of the new guests decided to pull a prank or something. After all, they look like the kind of group that would start trouble."

Utopia bit down on her thumbnail. "...I actually think that they're not half bad...but why would anyone want to pull such a terrifying prank passed 1:00 A.M.?"

"How in the heck should I know? Maybe Jill jiggled the doorknob and took off...you know her, she's a prankster and a late night person." I suggested, but my girlfriend still didn't shift from her unsure and scared mixed facial expression.

"I'm not sure, Ashton...do you think we should go wake up my daddy and tell him?"

"No," I shook my head at her and ran my hands through my hair, ruffling it up more. "Look...babe, like I said, it must've been a prank. There's nothin' to be scared over. Now, I think that I better get going back to my own hotel room."

Utopia's pleading puppy eyes went huge again. "No, Ash! Please stay with me tonight!"

I heavily sighed, truly growing more annoyed, and I shook my head. "Utopia, your dad checks on you in the morning. The last thing I need for a wakeup call is getting told to hide under the bed, in the closet, or something. Now, I promise you that there is nothing to be afraid of. Let's just both get some sleep, and the morning will be here before we know it."

Utopia nervously nibbled on her thumbnail. "But, Ashton..."

"Everything is fine, babe! Just get to bed, all right? I'll talk to you in the morning."

I quietly cursed under my breath to myself. "Good-night!"

Utopia didn't get a chance to say anything back to me. I had already opened up the door and headed out, quietly closing it behind me so I wouldn't wake Mr. Roberts up. The dimness lights in the hallway shined as I froze in my tracks and placed my hands on my hips, taking a moment to study all around. Even though I didn't want to admit it, I honestly knew that Utopia had a point. There was no way that a doorknob could jiggle on its own, but no matter how many times I examined the hallway, my eyes couldn't spot anybody. It was as if nobody else was in the whole hotel.

"...Damn freaking pranks..." I quietly hissed to myself with full irritation, right before I quickly tiptoed myself over to the end of the hallway. My room was on the ninth floor of The County Lodge, considering that Mr. Roberts wanted to keep me as far away from his "precious, little, innocent, and perfect" daughter during the night. But I wasn't going to the ninth floor...I'm not calling it a night until I get to set off some "loving" fireworks.

After waiting for the freaking elevator to arrive and I stepped in, I could've sworn that I saw this shadowy head peeking out from around the corner at the opposite end of the long hallway. Nonetheless, I just rolled my eyes, thinking that it was just my eyes messing with me, and I pressed the button that had the number eight on it. The eighth floor...Faith and Jill had that whole floor all to themselves, so I suspected that they would adore some company.

I instantly smirked and chuckled at that thought as the elevator doors reclosed, and I began my short ride up to the eighth floor. Jill and I have been as close as two peas in a pod ever since we were kids back in New York, but we decided to run away a few months ago and stay here in Kansas. As for Faith, she decided to tag along since she and Jill were just as close, and their parents were too busy with work to even notice that they existed. Faith was very hesitant around me and she barely ever said a word whenever I was around. Jill said that she was usually all hyper and a chatterbox, but she was more silent and uncomfortable even when my name popped up in a conversation.

A small ding rang when the elevator doors reopened on the eighth floor. I could see Jill and Faith's room from where I was standing, and I smirked all over again as I made my way towards the closed blue door. I could hear the somewhat loud music echoing from the opposite side as I was about to knock, but before I could, the door flew open. My eyes shot huge and I couldn't help myself to gasp as Faith came out into the hallway, startled when she saw me.

"Ashton Edward Fisher, what in the hell are you doin' up here? You scared me!" Faith blustered in a whisper, closing her and Jill's door behind her before speaking to me.

I raised an eyebrow and flashed my tough grin. "Were you scared to the point where your baby jumped just as high as you did?"

Faith wasn't the type of person to get furious, but after I brought up her pregnancy like that, her face grew redder than a flame of fire, and her eyes flooded with warning.

"Don't you dare bring my son into this, Ashton!" Faith ordered me in a hissing tone, as she crossed her arms protectively over her baby-bump showing stomach and forced a glare.

I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning back against the dark green painted wall as I rolled my eyes. "Hey, it's my son too, you know?"

Faith's lips pulled back and she slightly grinded her teeth for me to see. Her eyes began to water too.

"Do you honestly think that I'm going to allow my baby to be raised by some rapist?" Tears were already beginning to drip out from Faith's eyes when she asked that question. Though all I did in return to answer it was smirk. Faith rolled her tearful eyes at me at my silent expression. "You're even more mixed up than I thought, Ashton! God, you're revolting..."

I snickered, not really caring about her so-called insults. I've been called worse by my parents, my brothers, and in jail. "I don't seem to remember you complaining that night when things got hot quickly between us..." I attempted wrapping my arms around her waist and leaning in for a kiss. However, Faith took no hesitation to push me away from her.

"You freaking gagged me and knocked me out in a dark alleyway with a broken beer bottle! You know how much I cried, struggling with everything I had and trying my best to scream to get somebody's attention before I blacked out thanks to that blow you gave me!" Faith wiped away as many of her steaming tears as she could. "You have no idea how terrible I felt when I woke up completely naked with you laying next to me, asleep with a pleasured grin on that smugly face of yours! You freaking stole my virginity, Ashton!"

I wiped my smirk off from my face and scowled, sharply narrowing my eyes and slightly clenching my teeth. "Don't freaking flatter yourself, Faith. It's not like I'm in love with you or anything."

Faith's mouth fell open to form a somewhat big 'O' shape, and more hot tears continued to stream down her face. "...And yet, you tell me that what's growing inside of me is your son as well...yeah, right...sure..." She sniffled some and wiped away more tears, right before she forced another scowl at me. "Go straight to hell, Ashton...you can go burn in flames for eternity for all I care. This is my son and only my son...you're just lucky that I haven't told anybody the truth...Utopia and my sister would have their hearts shattered, so I have no choice...but no matter what happens, you will never be the father of my baby boy."

I stared at her, not getting a chance to say anything back since she pushed me straight out of her way and continued down the hallway.

"Where are you going?" I demanded to know, even though I already had a hunch. Faith and Jill might've been very close twins, but Jill was a night person and Faith was a morning person. Faith must've been heading off to find some other room to sleep in since she did look pretty exhausted, pregnant and all.

"None of your damn business, Ashton! Now stay away from me and leave me alone!" ordered the irritated Faith, and she stomped away until she was around the corner and I couldn't see her anymore. I still wasn't giving up on lighting off any fireworks though. Faith might've rejected me and Utopia claims to still not be ready, but I still had one person leftover to pick from...well, for now, that is.

I smirked a little as I timidly knocked on the door, and within just a matter of seconds, Jill's voice rang out: "It's open!"

I ran my hands through my shagged up blonde hair, taking in a confident deep breath and letting it out softly, before I grasped a hold of the doorknob and turned it as far around as it could go. When I opened the blue door, I was instantly greeted with the sight of Jill bouncing up and down on one of the double beds, as if she was a little kid on a sugar high. Man, she looked really sexy in those neon blue pajama shorts and tight black lace tank-top. I liked the way how her short, silky, scrunched up curls bounced all around with every hop she made to the radio that she had turned on to some loud song, but at a decent volume.

"Hey, Jill," I greeted her with a small grin as I entered the bedroom and closed the door behind me. After that, I kept my back leaning against it so I could successfully lock it in secret, but it was too bad that I didn't realize that someone's heartless, wide, dark eyes were spying on me from around the corner.

Jill took one final leap into the air before she kicked her beautifully thin legs out and landed on her good-looking rear end. I just knew that there must've been a very excellent reason to why she was my best friend.

"What's up, Ashton?" Jill asked me with that friendly smile of hers after she had turned the radio off, creating new silence.

Coolly, I shrugged and slowly began to stroll my way towards the double bed that she was sitting on. "I can't sleep, you dig? Utopia is already out like a light and I got nothin' else better to do."

Jill crossed her arms over her chest. "You do realize that this place has a curfew, right?"

I smugly grinned and shrugged my shoulders again, right before I plopped myself down besides Jill. "Yeah, but so what? This ain't my first time breaking the rules, and I bet you of all people know that this is probably the least horrible thing that I have committed."

Knowing she couldn't object to that, Jill just softly grinned and began to fiddle around with her red painted nails.

"...What do you think about the newcomers?" Jill suddenly asked, breaking the new quietness that formed for about ten seconds.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "You mean the Curtis' reservations?"

She nodded her head, and I instantly rolled my eyes at the mention of the Curtis' and their so-called group of pals.

"I hate them," I came right out and said the first thing that popped into my mind. "The only good thing 'bout 'em is those hot looking girls. Two redheads and even a little black-haired girl...they're pretty cute dolls, if I may say so myself."

Jill rolled her eyes at me, but continued to smile. Then she quietly laughed. "No matter where we go, you always see some girl you want to make out with or something."

I smirked and shrugged, not bothering to deny that. Besides, Jill knew me better than the back of her own hand, so she knew that I went after a lot of other girls behind Utopia's back. "What about you?" I then spoke up. "How do you feel 'bout the Curtis' residents?"

Jill scrunched up her nose, as if she was suddenly disgusted. "I don't really know, to be honest. Half of me thinks that they're alright, but the other half is extremely hesitant..." Suddenly, another grin spread widely across her face, and she giggled a little. "On the bright side, one of them are very good-looking."

I rolled my eyes, obviously not in any kind of mood to hear that kind of talk. I was in the mood for firework exploding off, not for listening to Jill talk about some crush that she has on one of the Curtis' or one of their "buddies."

"...I didn't come in here to hear that kind of talk from you, you know?" I sassily informed my best friend.

Jill's grin instantly faded from her face, but she formed a huge smirk as she playfully narrowed her eyes at me. "Oh, really? Then what kind of talk do you want to hear from me?"

My annoyance instantly drained, and I smirked ear to ear. My confidence was on fire, reaching such a higher level than ever before. "Shush, shush...no talking at all..." I chuckled at her, just as I placed one of my arms around her shoulders and gave her a flirty wink. "Let's just get down to business..."

Just like that, mine and Jill's arms were connected around each other, and our lips were smacking away; locking like tomorrow didn't exist. My hands traced up and down her back and I twirled my fingers through her curls, causing her to chuckle a bit under my lips. I ended up resting on top of her, continuing to hold my warm lips against hers as I finally decided to gently grasp the bottom of her pajama shirt and tug it up. Before I knew it, she had a hold of my pajama pants, and we were tenderly undressing each other as we continued making out. Our pajamas were sooner sprawled all over the floor, but we remained comfortably on the double bed. Though, we were too caught up in the heating and such thrilling moment that we didn't even pay any attention to how the doorknob ended up jiggling.

Kitten's POV

The phone on the nightstand that was inbetween mine and Vinny's beds suddenly rang loudly. I was instantly shocked out of my sleep, shooting straight up into a sitting position and grasping a giant breath as I took a moment to study all around the room to remember where I was. The sunlight was now shining through the window, telling me that it was morning already. When I glanced at the clock, I realized that it was 9:00. Man, that night flew by faster than what I thought it would. It seems just like a moment ago, Vinny and I were warning and cursing at each other as we unpacked.

Vinny loudly groaned, obviously irritated already, and she twisted her body over to the opposite direction so she could be facing away from me and the phone. She decided to take the double bed that was closer to the door, so I had the one that was closer to the window.

"Answer the freaking phone!" Vinny hissed at me, as if she was a snake. I already could tell that she was definitely not a morning person.

I shot my eyes angrily at her and annoyingly rolled them. Grumbling every harsh word and insult that I could think of, I ran my hands through my long; ginger hair to help get a hold of myself. After that, I leaned over and grabbed a hold of the phone, lifting it up and accepting the call.

"Hello?" I held back a yawn and rubbed one of my emerald green eyes with my free hand.

"Good morning," It was Mr. Roberts voice, but it sounded like a recording. "This is your wakeup call. Please meet downstairs for breakfast in the feasting hall. Thank you."

The call ended, and I hung the phone back up as I kicked my legs out from resting underneath the purple covers of my double bed. Then I stretched, yawning loudly just to get on Vinny's nerves, which I could tell worked because she released an annoyed groan as she slammed one of her pillows over her head and kept it clenched there. I rolled my eyes, smirking a little as I held my chuckles back and stood up.

"We got to get up," I told her, but she didn't budge from where she was laying.

"...Why?" She impatiently moaned, followed by plenty of cussing, but I pretended not to hear it. Darry told us to be on our best behaviors and we still had the entire winter break left to go through.

I simply shrugged my shoulders. "Breakfast is ready, so we need to get ready and get downstairs to the feasting hall."

Again, Vinny groaned with complete irritation. She was seriously just like Dally.

"Ugh...what time is it?"


I headed over to the closet and slid one of the doors over so I could open it. When Vinny and I settled in the night before, we regretfully had to share the closet, but I guess that it was a good thing that we were both tomboys. I had one side of the closet and she had the other, but there was still this gap that we left as it was so we could tell where we were not allowed to cross. As I pulled out a ordinary pair of worn out jeans, a plain white T-shirt, my jean jacket, and my worn out pair of brown sneakers, Vinny finally decided to climb out of bed herself. Her red hair looked as if it had been through a tornado, but I didn't bother to release any snickers. The last thing either Vinny or I needed was an argument right when we just woke up.

Just as I began to unbutton my pajama shirt and Vinny started to fix her bed, the phone suddenly rang again. That ringing was so high that it would always make somebody jump or yelp after hearing it unexpectedly go off, no matter how many times they've heard it before. I was so startled that I accidentally pulled off one of the buttons to my baggy pajama top, and Vinny had jumped what seemed like no less than five feet.

"My god, I freaking hate these damn hotel phones!" Vinny growled like a vicious junkyard dog, leaving her hand over her beating heart for a few more seconds. I kept my eyes on her, confusedly cocking my eyebrow as I finished unbuttoning my pajama top. Who could be calling this time?

I slipped off my pajama pants, and then redressed into my pair of jeans. After that, I simply pulled my plain white T-shirt on, quickly growing impatient with the phone's somewhat loud ringing. By the look on Vinny's face, I could tell that she wasn't in the mood to hear the phone continue to ring either.

I cursed quietly under my breath, before I finally spoke up loudly enough for Vinny to hear me. "Just answer it unless you want to keep hearin' that ring, Vin."

Vinny irritatingly rolled her eyes at me and grumbled something that I didn't catch, but I could tell that it wasn't anything pleasant. Nonetheless, I just kept my mouth shut and I started to swear in my head to keep my well behavior on track.

The annoying ringing finally came to an end, followed by Vinny's voice harshly going: "What, what do you want? Hello?...Hello?...Is anybody there?...Answer me!...Hello?"

Confusedly, I gazed over my shoulder, now holding my decent sized bottle of hair grease, a black hair tie, and my hairbrush. It sounded like to me that whoever was on the other end of the line wasn't bothering to say anything back to Vinny. No matter how many times she attempted greeting them in her own "welcoming" and "polite" terms, I could tell that whoever she or he was, they refused to talk back.

I raised my eyebrows and began running my hairbrush through my hair, combing out all of the tangles.

"Vinny, who is it?" I quietly asked, making sure that whoever was annoying her over the phone wouldn't hear my voice.

Vinny clenched her teeth and snarled something to herself that I couldn't quite make out. Then she slowly moved the phone down from her pierced ear, placing her free hand over the part where you talked into.

"I have no freaking idea who this person is...I think it's some kind of prank caller trying to scare us or something." Vinny annoyingly rolled her eyes and went on cussing under her breath.

I continued to comb my hair as I thought heavily about Vinny's words. Who in their right minds would attempt such a freaking crappy prank, especially early in the morning? No matter how many times I attempted to convince myself that it was probably Two-Bit messing with us, I honestly knew deep down inside that that was impossible. The only time that somebody was able to call any of the hotel rooms would be if they were using the main phone that I was guessing was in Mr. Roberts' office.

I continued to brush my hair, feeling all of the knots untangle, but my eyes were big and swarming with concern. Vinny wouldn't say another word to me either, and I knew that that meant that she was waiting for me to say something back to her.

"A prank caller?" I cocked an eyebrow, obviously confused.

Vinny rolled her eyes, as if she was saying: "Are you freaking kidding me?" But instead, she impatiently said: "That's what I said, Andrews."

I was beginning to have a more difficult time with holding back my rivalry towards Dally's kid sister. It wasn't my fault that she grew up in New York of all places, and with a rough, older, step-brother like Dally.

My emerald eyes narrowed in an annoyed manner, taking in how Vinny addressed me by my last name.

"All right, Winston," I said, allowing my strong irritation to begin seeping into my voice. I tossed my hairbrush down onto my bed, followed by my bottle of hair grease. I kept my hair tie around my wrist, and I reached my hand towards Vinny. "Just give me the phone and I'll talk to this person."

"Good luck with that," Vinny instructed with complete sarcasm, and she forced the phone into my hand without any cares. Then she stomped right passed me, nudging me out of her way so she could get over to the closet. I shot a scowl in the direction that she was heading.

"...Bitch..." I quietly mumbled under my breath, referring to Vinny. Luckily, she didn't hear me, because I still didn't want us to get into any argument. I took in a deep, soft breath and held it in for a few seconds so I could grasp a hold of myself. I then rose the phone up to my ear and greeted whoever was calling with a simple hello. It didn't take long for me to instantly become a mixture of confusion and concern, because all I heard from this person was deep breathing. Heavy breath in...heavy breath out...dark breath in...dark breath out. That's all that kept repeating, no matter how many times I asked who was calling or greeted them with more confused hellos. Every time I said something, the deep breaths only seemed to get deeper and darker, but soon enough, the line went dead, and the breathing stopped. Whoever that person was, he or she had hung up on me.

My eyes overflowed with confusion as I hesitantly brought the phone back down from my ear, hanging it back up.

When I decided to force myself to glance over at Vinny, I noticed that she was staring at me with narrowed eyes.

"...So...who in the hell was it?" Vinny asked me as she began to strip her pajamas from her body.

I plopped myself down on my bed and pulled over my worn out pair of brown tennis shoes from where they were resting at the end. I was still lost in thinking about that deep breathing. It was as if it came straight out from a horror movie, but I wasn't the type of tomboy to get scared easily. It took a whole damn lot to scare me, considering I grew up with a old man who took his rage out on me, until he and my mother began to tune me out so they could pay more attention to my four kid brothers. They never wanted a daughter.

"Um, hello!" I heard the sound of fingers snapping, and I quickly shook myself out of my deep thoughts to turn my attention back over to Vinny. She was now all dressed, surprisingly, and she was in the middle of brushing and greasing her hair, but not without sending me a glare while she was at it. She was now dressed in a worn out pair of white jeans, a baby-blue crop-top, a brown leather jacket, and a matching pair of dirty cowgirl boots.

I rolled my eyes and slimly grinded my teeth together. "What?"

"Who was that on the phone?" annoyingly snapped Vinny, just as a pulled on my brown tennis shoes and made sure that they were tied.

I bit down on my bottom lip and took a moment to think about the deep breathing again. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to fix the pieces together, I couldn't figure out who this person could've been.

"Honestly, I have no clue. Like you said before, just some freaking prank caller that's trying to scare the crap out of us." I stood on my feet again and snatched back up my bottle of hair grease.

Vinny rolled her eyes and scoffed. "If I ever find this prank caller, I'm going to make sure that I whip his or her ass into next year."

I didn't bother to say anything back to that. Instead, I just kept my mouth shut and began to grease my hair. Unfortunately, neither Vinny or I paid any attention to how there was this sudden shuffle like noise that came from underneath one of our double beds.

Jade's POV

Man, I loved the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair and the sun dancing on my face, especially with the windows of my car rolled down. I was the type of tomboy who was used to road trips since I left my home in Tulsa a whole lot ever since my mom and sister passed away in a auto-wreck, all thanks to a stupid drunk driver. My old man was too caught up in work to notice that I was still around, and whenever he was home, he was busy disguising his pain and sorrow by drinking countless amounts of alcohol. Ever since my small family was shattered, it was just me, the open road, and my male dog; he was a honey brown, Rhodesian ridgeback that I named Zeus.

Nonetheless, it felt as if a gigantic weight lifted straight off from my chest as I drove my black, souped up, chevy corvette into the parking lot of The County Lodge. Driving for what felt like years just to spend the winter break in Kansas can seriously damage anyone's opinions on road trips, I'm sure.

My full name is Jadelyn Christine Thomas, but my old pals back in Tulsa stuck with calling me by my nickname, Jade.

I'm fifteen years old and at a decently good height for my age. My silky hair was mid-length, ash-black with aqua highlights applied in, and my smooth skin was a somewhat original dark tan. As for my eyes, they were like two dark pieces of chocolate, melting brown. Rarely a day would go by without a single glimpse of joy sparkling in my eyes, considering I'm a very optimistic and hyper teenager. I was very athletic too, so I was in an excellent shape, and I never dared to touch a cigarette or a single drop of alcohol after what happened to me this one time. I should've listened to my friends and never went to that party, because I didn't know that the soda that I was drinking was spiked. Unfortunately, I ended up finding out when I realized that I did the deed and God knows what else with God knows who.

That day, I was dressed in a plaid and purple T-shirt, a black leather jacket that I got on my fifteenth birthday, an old pair of dark blue jeans, and a worn our pair of black running shoes. As for jewelry, I had on a few of my many friendship bracelets, my favorite aquamarine cross necklace, and a pair of amethyst earrings.

Zeus was sitting in the backseat of my chevy corvette, his head sticking out the window as he barked and happily wagged his tail. His big dark eyes had met The County Lodge.

When I parked beside this red truck, which wasn't that far away from this rusty SUV, I instantly grew surprised. By the looks of the parking lot, there weren't many other guests that were staying at The County Lodge, but atleast there were some others instead of me being all by myself in some hotel.

I made sure that Zeus stuck his head back into the car before I rolled up all of the windows again, locking them afterwards. Zeus continued to happily howl as I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened up my door.

I snickered as I climbed out, but not without snatching up Zeus' leash and my somewhat big; brown duffle-bag from the passenger's seat. "All right, boy, calm down. I'll get you out in a second."

Zeus was very well trained, but the main people he would listen to was only my parents, my sister, and I. However, since my mom and sister were no longer here, and my father was an alcoholic 24/7 hour worker, Zeus grew to understand instantly that it was his job to protect and love me. He would actually chew somebody's head off if that's what it took for him to protect me.

As I opened the backdoor, Zeus didn't wait to attempt jumping out, but I stopped him. He would never run away, but I wanted to make sure that I had his leash on him so he wouldn't chase after a noise that meant nothing, or so I could hold him back from any other guests.

Like he was trained to do, Zeus lifted his head up so I could clip his leash onto his dark red; spiked collar. After that, then I allowed him to jump out from the backseat, and I made sure that I locked the doors just in case trouble was lurking around any corner.

Zeus sat by my side and panted, obviously relaxed, and I placed my hands on my hips as I stared up at how tall The County Lodge was. I smiled ear to ear, picturing what could it possibly be like if I was staring down at the ground from the tippy-top of the whole hotel's roof. I bet a lot of people, especially teenagers, would be extremely terrified to do such a thing, but I wasn't. It took a whole lot to scare me; I actually liked scary stuff. Ghost stories, horror films, haunted houses, terrifying pranks...you name something that's supposed to be horrifying, and I'll grow to love it instantly. Spiders, heights, ghosts, goblins, vampires, witches, zombies...nope, nothing like that scared me at all. I actually laughed at all of that.

I grinned down at Zeus, giving his head a pat. "Are you ready for one memorable winter break, boy?"

Instantly, Zeus happily barked a single time, which made me giggle to myself.

I gazed around to make sure that there weren't any signs that said that no pets were allowed in the hotel, but I couldn't spot any. Thank God too, because if there was even one warning, I knew that I would have to attempt talking whoever the owner of The County Lodge was into allowing me to keep Zeus. I was mighty persuasive.

When I began to make my way towards the front glass doors of The County Lodge, Zeus scampering by my side, I couldn't help but overhear what sounded like a rustle. Zeus must've heard it too, because his ears perked up, and he began to softly snarl.

"Shush, Zeus..." I quietly, but loudly enough whispered, and Zeus obeyed. I confusedly raised my eyebrows and glanced off into the direction where I could've sworn there was a rustle like noise, but I didn't see anybody or anything in sight. It was as if all of Kansas had been abandoned.

I hummed for a moment to myself, obviously concerned about what could've made that rustling noise, but I decided to just shrug it off and I gently tugged on Zeus' leash.

"Come on, Zeus...let's get inside..."

Zeus let out some whimpers, which I knew meant that he wanted to go after whatever made that noise so he could protect me. But it was just a little rustle, so it could've just been a little bunny or maybe even a fox, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong about that...but I just tugged on Zeus' leash some more until he finally stood up and followed by my side again. It was freezing and I just wanted to get this vacation started, but I must admit that I should've taken a closer look at what or who made that rustling noise.

I took a deep breath as I walked into The County Lodge. I instantly grew stunned at how tuff I thought that everything looked, and not to mention how relieved I was by the warmth that was coming from a crackling fire in the fireplace. However, it was shame that I didn't realize that a pair of heartless eyes were watching me from outside.

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