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I'm an official Gap Year Blogger. Here's a copy of my blog. Also what I've been working on for a while.


13. 12/8/13: Trip to Hiroshima Part 1

We left for Hiroshima, meeting at Sophia University. We then took the JR Line to Tokyo Station, for the shinkansen. Everyone packed up on snacks, some taking advantage of the cake shop near the meeting place, and then we were off to the shinkansen, all of us, a large group of gaijin in the midst of rush hour on one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. Although there was the occasional cutting off of commuters and stepping on toes, we managed to board the train without too much of a fuss.The shinkansen ride was lovely. It wasn't my first time traveling on the sleek bullet train, but it felt almost as though we were on an airplane ride. Although the train wasn't pressurized, I felt my ears pop several times and even though it was very black outside, when I tried to read I got motion sickness.

"Every year they get more and more beautiful," said a woman near me to her husband. I was awestruck at this tangled weave of lights, forming three dimensional sculptures in the night.

But like Cinderella, it all came to an end at ten. The lights shut off, and the park was plunged into darkness, and no trace of the magical illumination could be seen except for dim outlines in the pitch.

I went back to the hotel with my friends to go to sleep. The doors locked at eleven, and I didn't want to cause a fuss.

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