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12. 12/8/13: Secret Tales of the Hibakusha Part 2

Before telling us this story, Keiko Ogura mentioned to us,

"This boy was the same age as me when the bomb hit. He was eight." 

Story 2: Cremation

This boy, when the bomb hit, immediately sought shelter with his mother from the ruined city. They began climbing the mountains to safety. They were covered in burns, and the mother had suffered the worst of the bomb. She soon collapsed on the mountain and died in front of her son's eyes.

Now, the dead must be given proper cremation in a Japanese funeral. In fact, after the bomb hit, there was so many people clamoring to cremate the dead, that the crematories were packed. Many people resorted to their own methods. This boy, after realizing that his mother had passed away, wanted to cremate her. But he was too small and too weak to reach anything but branches and sticks for firewood. He lit a fire, but the kindling was too small to cremate his mother's entire body, and so he was forced to cremate her body piece by piece. He continued tirelessly despite his injuries, not wanting to leave his mother in a half-cremated state, and eventually managed to cremate her entire body before seeking shelter and aid for his injuries.

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