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23. 1/26/14: Ueno Zoo

Last weekend Mami and I went to Ueno Zoo together. The lion exhibit was closed, but luckily at home we have our own lion, named Hikari.

Just kidding. But I've often reffered to Hikari as the "cowardly lion", due to his tendancies to bark non stop when I enter the room, and then cower away when I walk towards him.

In any case, the Zoo was lovely. The first stop were the pandas! We arrived just in time for feeding. A large bear lumbered out of the cage, saw the bamboo, then promptly sat down a rock and started to dig in. What shocked me was how human the bear seemed, sitting down, using it's stomach as a plate to rest pieces of bamboo as it chowed down.

There were also Capybaras. I don't think I've ever seen a capybara before.

But what I enjoyed most was an inner display of smaller mammals. Field mice, voles, sugar gliders, bats, and yes, a burrow of naked mole rats! I've also never seen a naked mole rat before. They were so much smaller than I realized. Documentaries make them seem much larger, I was expecting something the size of a kitten but they are acutally the size of a small mouse.

Come to think of it, it actually might be Kim Possible's fault.


The Ueno Zoo only costs 600Y and is easily accessible from Ueno Station. It is very affordable, and has a petting zoo with farm animals; just be sure to wash your hands after.

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