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19. 1/15/14: Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

I went to Orlando's Disney World for Senior Trip. Five days, six parks, and only five hours or so of sleep a night, and I ended up like this by the last day:

Just kidding. I had a lot of fun with my friends and boyfriend despite the lack of sleep.

You can get to Tokyo Disneyland extremely easily by Train for well under 1000Y. From Tokyo Station, you can catch a JR Train that will take you straight to the attraction. We went in the middle of the Christmas season, so lights and festivities were abundant.

As Ellie and I entered the theme park, we noticed some major differences. First off, the first group of girls we saw were these ones, decked out in full Mickey Christmas gear! They were here to enjoy the park too, and though it got very cold later on in the night, we bumped into them later and they were still having fun.

Couples in matching Mickey Mouse hats held hands, and school uniforms were everywhere. There were strollers of course, but Ellie told me horror stories about Disneyland LA, where kids were dragged around on leashes. No leashes here. The children I did see were extremely well behaved.

I walked by Flynn from Tangled, and he was surrounded by a screaming gaggle of girls in sailor uniforms, begging him to take a picture with them. Literally surrounded. Meanwhile, Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was standing by the carousel alone.

Tokyo Disneyland is like a smaller version of the Magic Kingdom. Cinderella's castle is laid out in the center majestically. Decorated for the 30th Anniversary of the Theme Park!

However, there are some differences. Notable differences. Yes, you can take a spin on Space Mountain (be warned, it took four hours with a fast pass). But how about a short movie directed by George Lucas in a theater with Michael Jackson saving the future planet through song and dance? Confused? So was I.



Since we went in the middle of Christmas season, the parade featured Santa himself.

And English was everywhere, even in the songs. It's a Small World was sung half in Japanese, half in English.


All the signs were in English, even in the rides themselves.

And the food? Well, you can get hotdogs. Also Pizza, or Calzones although the flavors are definitely a bit odd.

Also, do try the waffles. They're incredible.

Everywhere, the smell of popcorn wafted through the air. You could get soy sauce popcorn and other crazy flavors in a souvenir mickey head, or a green guy tub. One girl's mother even offered us some of her daughter's popcorn in the tub as we waited in line, explaining that there was no way that she could eat it all.

But the thing that stole the show were these.

Little Green Man. 400Y for a tub of these dumplings, strawberry, green tea, and cream fillings, and it was so worth it.

Monsters Inc and Toystory were HUGE here. Green man hats everywhere, green man popcorn tubs, Mike hats, Mike shirts, you name it. People were mobbing the Laugh Floor attraction. You had to wait at least three hours to get in. In Orlando, that was easily the least wait at around fifteen minutes.

We also did the Pirates of the Carribean Ride. You ride through on a boat while scenes from Pirates of the Carribean were acted out by (disturbingly) lifelike animatronic dolls. Completely in English. At the beginning Ellie and I began singing "Drink up me heartys, yo ho! Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me", channeling our inner Kiera Knightlys and Johnny Depps. We managed to get our entire boat to sing along, so that was a considerable achievement.

Overall definitely worth spending a day there. The souvenirs are considerably cheaper. I remember being robbed blind at Orlando, the cheapest thing in the Disney Stores being around $20 for a T-shirt. A box of chocolates here was 1300Y, and I got a Minnie Mouse bow that was around 1200Y, so it's much more affordable than its American counterpart. The rides are different enough that you'll get to see some new sights, and the good rides (Splash Mountain, Space Mountain) are just as fun as in America.

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