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9. 11/26/13: Beach Cleaning

Kujuukuri Beach is a small place. My host parent's realtor's son is apparently one of the best pro surfers in the world. I've met him nearly every time I go to the beach since my host parents want to build their own beach house.

To my surprise, he was in charge of the beach cleaning. This was the 20th Beach Cleaning. Directing from behind a microphone, he welcomed us.

Everywhere, small children toddled around behind their parents and little dogs energetically wagged their tails. We were given two bags, one for burnable garbage and one for unburnable garbage.

I was somewhat surprised by the amount of trash on the beach. I would have thought that a society like Japan, one that is strongly influenced by green design and eco-friendliness, would have less pollution. As I picked up piece of garbage one after the other, I asked my host mom if it was a result of the typhoons. She said no, that bad people dumped trash on the beach because they were lazy. The sheer amount of refuse was overwhelming. We even left gigantic piles of waste behind, because there was just no way to pick it all up in the one-hour constraint.

After it was all said and done, the volunteers managed to collect a very large amount of trash. Three tires were found, and countless discarded lighters. We then carried bags to the trash bins around the corner.

For our hard work, all the volunteers were rewarded with a homemade potato soup. It was absolutely delicious.


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