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I'm an official Gap Year Blogger. Here's a copy of my blog. Also what I've been working on for a while.


7. 11/14/13: The Beach

Every weekend my host family goes down to Kujuukuri beach in Chiba Prefecture. It's a two hour car ride, sometimes four on the way back due to traffic, and my host parents like to listen to an Exile Best Hits CD on repeat. Sometimes Okaasan will hum along, and quite often, I end up falling asleep.


Once at the beach,  Otousan likes to go surfing while Okaasan and I read magazines together to practice my Japanese. Lately, I've been painting the scenery too. For the past two weeks, the weather has been very stormy, and the waves turn a dark green color, almost muddy. The first week, the wind wasn't as strong, so the waves were smaller. But the second week, they were angrily frothing with wake.

After Otousan is finished surfing, we go to a restaurant. The restaurants in the area are very reminiscent of Florida or Hawaii or California with large beach scene photographs on the walls and shells and fish tanks, made of solid wood like huts. There are pictures of pro surfers with autographs and even autographs on the walls themselves. There are special surfer menus and people coming in with hair wet from the sea.

It's a weekly excursion that I've come to love and enjoy.

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