The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


22. twenty two

I woke up and then realised I was in my bed. I grabbed my phone, 12:19 am. I texted Niall.

L: when did you leave?:( sorry I fell asleep:( xx

N:about 10, it's okay, you were wrecked baby xx

L: why didn't you leave me on the couch? Xx

N: that would be a horrible sleep! I'm a nice boyfriend!:) xx

L: thank you baby, yes you are!:) xx

N: try sleep beautiful. Don't want you cranky first class tomorrow, even if your teachers an ass:p xx

L: but he's beautiful;) night babe xx

N: ;) love you beautiful xx

L: love you too xx

I put my phone down, and couldn't fall back asleep. I lay in bed thinking, it so wrong that I'm with my teacher. But I love him.

I woke up early wanting to go see Niall before everyone else. I showered quickly. I changed into some jeans and a tee, I threw a hoodie over my outfit and pulled on my hightops, I grabbed my school bag and headed out the door. Once I got to the school, I grabbed my book and threw it into my bag. I was an hour early, I walked to Niall's classroom, his door was shut. I knocked quickly, "it's open" I heard him shout, I slowly opened the door, "good morning baby" I smiled, "hello gorgeous! Why are you here so early?" He asked surprised. "I wanted to surprise you and thank you for being the best boyfriend ever" I smiled locking the door. "Babeeee! I have aload of work to correct!" He moaned leaving his pen down. "I can leave if you'd like" I smiled, "neverrrr! C'mere" he smiled pulling me closer. I sat on to his knee, while he continued to correct work. He started to plant soft kisses on my shoulder, "were going to be doing a lot in class today, do not fall asleep or I'll give you a detention!" He laughed. "Hey if I fall asleep it's your fault, coming over to my house and corrupting me!" "You were asleep by 9 o clock!" He pouted, I turned and pecked his lips. "I love you" he smiled, "I love you too". Then the first bell rang, I quickly pecked his lips and unlocked the door, I ran back to the front of class and took my seat. Niall stood up and walked out of the class, some of the class came in one by one. Niall came back shortly, with a cup of coffee, most of the class was in now. Niall was just about to shut the door when Jake ran in with a bed head, "sorry sir" he said quickly sitting beside me, "it's fine Jacob" Niall smiled at us and started the lesson. I really tried my best to stay awake and failed. "Lauryn! Wake up! Talk to me after class please!" I looked up with blurry eyes and mumbled, "yeah sorry sir"

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