The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


23. twenty three

Everyone left, I continued to sit in my seat. Once everyone left, Niall came and sat on my desk. "Your going to fail maths if you keep falling asleep in my class Laur, if you start failing, you will have to get a tutor and it won't be me, because we both know that we wouldn't study" Niall sighed, "I know, but you bore me to death Ni" I said, he looked so hurt. "I'm only joking, I just can't sleep properly at night, I'll try harder" I said, he nodded and kissed me. I left Niall's class and quickly walked to my locker, "everything okay?" Ashleigh was standing at my locker, "yeah, coming to lunch with me? We need to talk" I smiled, "about?" "Harold" I laughed, "his name is Harry!" She pouted. "Hey Laur, Ashleigh" I heard from behind me, I turned "hey Jakey" I smiled, "hello Jacob" Ashleigh laughed "please just call me Jake" he smiled his smile was beautiful. I grabbed my book and walked to class with Ashleigh and Jake, "hey jake wanna come to lunch with us?" I smiled before entering the class, "yeah sure, Mr horan won't mind?" He asked, "no Niall won't" I smiled.

Lunch came. I met Jake and Ash at my locker, we took my car to mcdonalds. "So Ashleigh!" I started, "no I am not talking to you about it" she smiled before going to order us food. I turned to Jake, "any girls Jakey?" "I have a girlfriend back in South Hampton, Sarah" he smiled, "Awh, what's she like?" I smiled, "beautiful, smart, funny, wanna see her?" he smiled I nodded, he showed me a picture of a beautiful brown eyed blonde haired girl, she was kind of tanned. "She is beautiful" I smiled. Ashleigh came back down with food, we all dug in, "so what's going on with Harry?" I asked Ashleigh, "I honestly don't know, we're texting and stuff, he was over with Louis last night, didn't talk to me much I was in my room though" she sighed. "Harry? The curly lad?" Jake asked, Ashleigh nodded. Her phone vibrated then. "Speak of the devil" she mumbled, "what did he say?" She passed me the phone

H: Hey wanna call over later? Nobody's home. Don't tell Louis. I think he'll freak about us being alone in my house:P xx

"Like is he only looking for sex?" She asked, I shook my head, "I don't think so" she pressed reply.

A: to do what? Because I am not like that just so you know x

H: like what?

A: I'm not going to sleep with you because were texting and kissed or whatever

H: I want to get to know you, that's why I asked. If you think like that, don't bother.

"Shit, I think I fucked up" Ashleigh said face palming herself.

(A/N hey guys I know it's super short. I will update again later!, please let me know what your thinking, should I change the Points of View sometimes? I really want you's to let me know!:) and I try update as much as possible please don't write 'update' right after I just updated pleaseeeeee thanks guys😄)

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