The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


21. twenty one

I woke to a blinding light, "Niall!!!!!!!!! Niallllll" I moaned, "mmmmmmmm" "close the curtains" I moaned, "you close them" "I have a headache" I pulled the blanket over my head to block out the light, I tried to slip out of bed but Niall pulled me back to his chest, "your not leaving" he mumbled, "but I'm hungry and have a headache" I moaned. He loosened his grip on me. I rolled out of the bed, and walked to the kitchen. I pulled out cereal and poured it into a bowl, I poured some milk on and stood at the counter eating it, Niall soon stumbled in, "your supposed to used the table baby" he laughed, "noooooo" I moaned smiling as I finished my cereal and put my bowl in the sink. I walked over and hugged Niall's waist. He messed my hair up and kissed my forehead. I pulled out of the hug, "have you any pain killers?" I asked, "sure thing baby, how much did you drink?" "Loads" I moaned, "why did you let me drink so much" I moaned, he laughed, "I don't know" he laughed. I kissed him and pulled away. I took the pain killers and drank water. "I need to get going baby" I smiled, "noooo don't leave me yet baby" "I need to, I'll see you tomorrow, we can do something after school" I laughed and pecked his lips. I ran into his room and grabbed a pair of sweatpants out of his wardrobe. I quickly pulled them on and realised I only had high heels and no car. "niaalllllllll" I shouted, he ran in "what?" "Will you bring me home?" "Nope so your going to have to stay here for at least another hour" "babeeee, I have math homework, and my teacher is an ass" I moaned, "oh is he?" He laughed and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He threw me onto his bed and started to tickle me, I laughed so hard I started to cry. "Niall-l I'm going-g to vomit-t" I chuckled, he quickly jumped up. "Haha! Only joking" I pulled him back down to me I rolled on top of him, and connected my lips to his. "Now! Bring me home" I laughed, "okay" he pouted. I stood up and pulled on my shoes, I'd say I look hilarious in high heels, a tracksuit and a baggy tee. He got changed and walked to the car, he dropped me around the corner from my house, "bye baby" he smiled sadly, I leaned over and kissed him. "Bye Ni" "I love you" "I love you too" I smiled and walked to my house in high heels, a tracksuit and a baggy tee. Can you imagine that? My hair all messy, mascara half way down my face. I walked quickly and opened the door, "mom, I'm home" I shouted, "hey sweetie" she smiled walking out, "did you have a good night?" She smiled I nodded, "loving the style baby" "I wasn't coming home in a dress" I smiled, "did Ashleigh drop you home?" I nodded and took off my shoes, "Louis's clothes?" "Yeah" I smiled, "hey I'm going to go shower" I smiled running upstairs.

I showered quickly and changed into my pyjamas. I jumped into bed and started to do my homework. When my phone vibrated.

Unknown number

U: hey girl, how's the head? It's Jake:).

L: hey jake:), I've been better, and Thank you for everything:)

J: it's fine, really:) I'm just glad to have a good friend, and hey there's not a bad age gap:)

L: I know right? It's just the fact that he's a teacher:(

J: thank you for been a good friend:)

L: please I should be saying that to you:)

We kept the conversation going for awhile, I continued my homework, once I thought I was finished I realised I had an English essay due tomorrow and I was tired and had a massive headache. I pulled out my phone and texted Niall.

L: I'm never drinking ever ever again:( x

N: poor baby:( x

L: I have to do an English essay for tomorrow and I have a pounding headache and in wrecked x

N: your mom home? Xx

L: late shift, she left an hour ago x

I started my essay and then I heard a knock on the door, I got out of bed and walked down to answer the door, Niall stood there in sweats and a t shirt. "I've come to help my baby" he smiled as I let him in. I smiled, he followed me up to my room, "so this is your room?" He asked, "yes" I smiled. We sat on my bed while I did my essay, Niall rubbed my back. After an hour, I finally finished. "Thank you, for coming over" I smiled, "it's fine baby" he smiled and kissed my forehead. I took an aspirin and cuddled up with Niall on the couch.

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