The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


24. twenty four

Ashleigh's POV

"Shit, I think I fucked up" I said face palming myself. I threw my phone to Lauryn, "what did you do?" She looked at me eyebrows raised. "Oh my god Ashleigh!" She exclaimed after reading the conversation, "I know!!!!!!" I face-palmed myself again. "Text him again and say sorry!" She said, throwing my phone back.

A: Harry, I'm sorry, I just thought, you know what I was stupid, I would like to know you too I'm sorry x

I waited awhile and got no reply, "I'm such an ass!" I moaned covering my face with my hair. Jake smiled, "it'll all blow over don't worry". "Thanks Jakey" I smiled messing his hair. "It's fine" he smiled eating a chip, "I'm going to just wait to see what he has to say" I sighed.

Harry's POV

I sat in the bakery, I was on my break. I was super annoyed that Ashleigh thought I only wanted sex from her, I honestly like her. I was deep in thought when my phone vibrated


A: Harry, I'm sorry, I just thought, you know what I was stupid, I would like to know you too I'm sorry x

I sat and stared at my phone, I finished my lunch and Mary called me, I left my phone and ran back out to help them.

After two more hours, I finally finished my shift and grabbed my stuff I realised, I never texted Ashleigh back.

H: shit sorry, I was working. I'm sorry for snapping, I'd like it if you would x

A: yeah definitely, see you in a bit, have to study:( x

I decided to ring Niall considering schools over. After two rings he picked up, "well what's the craic?" "What are you doing?" "Just leaving school there now, what about you?" "Wanna come over? Need to talk" I said, "yeah I'll meet you at yours in ten" "cool yeah" I said getting into my car.

Niall's POV

I pulled away from the school, my phone vibrated on the chair beside me, I glance over.

Laur x

I left it and decided to wait till I got to Harry's to open it, I drove to Harry's, it didn't take long. I pulled up outside his house, just after he did. He jumped out of the car and waited for me to do the same. I grabbed my phone and looked at the message.

L: what you doing:) x

N: just going to Harry's:) you babe? X

L: just in my room, in bed board:( x

N: do not tease:p x

I brought my attention to Harry. "So Harry!, what's going on between you and Ash?" I asked once we were in his house. "She's coming over in a bit, so I'll let you know then" he threw me a wink. "Man what does Louis think in all this?" I asked eyebrow raised, "he doesn't mind, unless I hurt her, then he said he'll hurt me" Harry laughed. My phone vibrated.

L: ;) x

N: tease, keep it up and I just might have to come over later;) x

L: moms here:( x

N: you have a window;) x

L: you wouldn't:p x

N: watch me:) x

"Man? Hello?" I looked at Harry, "oh shit what did you say?" I asked, "do you want to play FIFA?" He laughed, "yeah go on then" I laughed.

Ashleigh's POV

I sat at home after finishing my homework. I decided to text Harry.

A: what time will I come over?:) x

H: I'll pick you up about 6:) x

A: cool:) x

I checked the time 5:03. I jumped up and pulled my hair down and lightly curled it. I applied some make up and pulled on a pair of ripped denim jeans and a baggy tank top, I pulled on a pair of white vans. I checked the time 5;56. I had one new message


H: be there in 5 :) x

I quickly pulled on a jumper and applied some lip gloss before I heard a beep from outside. I quickly ran down stairs, "Louis! I'm going out" "yeah alright, be home before 10" "okay" I shut the door and ran to the car. I quickly jumped in. "Hey" I smiled shyly, "hi, you ready love?"he smiled.

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