The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


25. twenty five

Lauryn's POV

I was half asleep when my phone rang, I rolled over

Niall is calling you.

I pressed answer, "hi" "hey babe, wanna come on a drive?" He said, "yeah just gimme five minutes to change, wait around the corner" "okay" he said before I hung up. I pulled on a pair of grey sweats and rolled the bottoms up, I pulled on a white hoodie and white hightops. I quickly tied my hair up and ran down stairs. I ran out the door and up around the corner, I saw his black range rover and ran up and hopped in. "Hey baby"he smiled leaning over to peck my lips.

"Okay so Mr Horan, where are we going?" I smiled, " I don't know I was just thinking of driving?" He said smiling over at me. "Sounds good".

We were driving for awhile now when my phone vibrated.

Unknown number

U: if your fucking the teacher, the least you could do is not drive around whore.

I sat in shock.

Niall's POV

We were laughing and talking having a good time, then her phone vibrated, and all colour drained from her face, "hey babe what's up?" I asked, she shook her head, "oh nothing babe" she said smiling, "uh okay" I said focusing back on the road, there's definitely something wrong. She was silent for about 10 minutes, "will you drop me home?" She coughed out, "yeah. But you know you can tell me anything, yes?" She bit her lip and nodded. I drove toward her house in silence. Once I pulled up she quickly went to get out, "uh babe?" She turned, "what?" "Kiss" I laughed, she sort of smiled, before leaning over and pecking my lips. There's definitely something wrong.

Ashleigh's POV

I've been in Harry's a couple of hours now, I really got to know what a nice lad he was, "so Ash, want to watch a movie?" He smiled, "yeah" I smiled running into his sittingroom, "don't get too excited" he smiled while winking, he put on a movie, that I honestly don't know what it is. He sat down beside me, there was a bit of a gap, "hey come here" he smiled patting the couch beside him. I slid over and he wrapped an arm around me while I placed my head on his shoulder. We were abit through the movie, it was one of them scary ones, "you only put this on, so I'd cuddle you" he smirked looking down at me as I cower closer to him. Then there was a loud knock at the door, I glanced at Harry with wide eyes. He jumped up from my side and ran out, I sat with the blankets over my head. "Man its not a great time, I'm in the middle of watching a film" I heard Harry say, then I heard Louis chuckle before he ran into the sittingroom, I pulled the blanket down. He screamed, "Harry! You didn't tell me you were watching a film with MY LITTLE SISTER!" I laughed, Harry ran in, "you never asked, now come on leave!" He pouted, "okay!, have her home by ten or my mom will murder me and her and you. "Yeah yeah" he laughed.

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