The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


28. twenty eight

"Have you seen Ashleigh?" I asked Jake, "nope" he said walking to my locker with me, "I don't think she's in" he said, I moaned. "Wanna leave?" I asked, "yeah sure, just wait till one yeah?" He smiled, "yeah we have history before lunch anyway so same class" "cool yeah" I smiled weakly. Before we went our separate ways.

I was running to history because I was late, when I felt someone grab my wrist, I turned to see Niall, "talk to me please" he whispered pulling me into his class, "Niall look, don't make this harder please" "is there someone else?" "What? No of course not" "why then? We were great together" "I don't know!" I raised my voice feeling the tears, "I just don't want to be with you!" I muttered while cracking my heart in the mean time, "I love you" he said before I ran out of his class, I quickly wiped the tears and ran into the class, "sorry I'm late" I muttered running to sit beside Jake. "Everything okay?" He asked, "no" I said putting my head on the table, "wanna talk about it?" "At lunch" I muttered. My phone vibrated. The dreaded name Unknown

U: it's for the best, little slut. He only thinks he loves you.

I groaned and kept my head down.


We quickly walked out of class, and I grabbed my books I needed for homework, I threw them into my bag. Jake came up, "ready to go?" He smiled, I nodded and slung my bag over my shoulder, "your car or mine?" Jake smiled, "I actually don't have my car, so yours?" I smiled, "sure" he smiled.

N: I love you Lauryn. Please tell me what I did wrong!

L: Niall please, just move on.

N: fine.


it's been two weeks since I broke up with Niall, he's starting to look better in school, maybe he's over me. The unknown number hasn't texted me, I don't know who it is. Everyone has asked me why I broke up with Niall, I told them that I didn't think it worked out.

I now sat in Ashleigh's with Louis and the lads, when there was a knock on the door, Louis jumped up to get it. I sat between Liam and Ashleigh, when Niall walked in my heart stopped, when a beautiful tanned tall brown haired girl walked his behind him, my heart broke. "Hey guys, this is Barbara, my girl-" he started, then caught my eye, and Barbara finished, "friend, girlfriend" she smiled

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