The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


3. three

I caught his eye. He went so pale I honestly thought he was going to pass out. Oh god oh god. He regathered himself and quickly went on with the class, he called the attendance near the end of the class. Just as the bell rang, I grabbed my books and tried to get out with the crowd, "Lauryn!" He called when most of the students had left, I tried to ignore the call but he caught my wrist, "we need to talk" he said with a serious look on his face. When all the students left he looked at me, "what the hell??" He slightly shouted, "what?" "Your still in school" "I thought you knew that!" "I thought you were in college!" "Clearly not" "how old are you even?, do you find it okay to sleep with older men! Do you?"He snapped "17!" I snapped back and walked out of his classroom. I pulled out my phone and texted Louis and Ashleigh

La: I need to talk!! Meet me at lunch at mcdonalds!

Lo: okay?


I grabbed my books for the next class and set off.

I quickly ran out of the school at lunch making sure not to see 'Mr Horan'. I got into my car and drove quickly to mcdonalds where Louis was sitting waiting. "Hey whats up?" "Why didn't you tell me Niall was about to become a teacher at my school?????" I asked "he is?" "He is my maths teacher!" "No?" Louis asked a smile playing on his lips. "Louis this is serious!!!!" "You fucked your teacher" Louis chanted, "you what?" I turned quickly to come face to face with Ashleigh. Phew. "Louis keep it down!" I hissed, and I told them the whole story and what he said to me. "Hey really said that? He asked you do you sleep with older men?" Louis snapped. I nodded, he pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons and placed the phone at his ear, "well Niall man, we need to talk, over at my house now if possible. Yeah see you in five" I looks at him wide eyed, "well come on?" He mumbled and we followed him to his car. I got in the front beside him, Ashleigh got in the back. We drove in silence to Their house to where there was already a black range rover. We got out of the car and walked into Louis's house. Where Nia- or should I say Mr Horan was already sitting. He turned and glared at me, Louis sat down and looked at Niall questionably "what the hell?" Louis asked "man I'm her teacher!" "She didn't know that Niall!!!!, your only 3 years older than her!, you's need to sort it out! So Ashleigh come on" he said pulling Ashleigh out. We sat there in silence, " I'm sorry" I said even though I had nothing to apologise for I didn't know he was my teacher, "you don't have anything to be sorry for, I was a jerk and shouldn't have said those things, I was just freaked out" "well I didn't tell anyone if that's what your wondering" I said angrily, "no I wasn't I really liked you" "liked?" I could hear Louis, clearly outside the door, "Fuck off Louis!" Niall laughed and pulled me into a hug, "I'm sorry for being horrible Lauryn, I didn't mean anything" he said looking sadly at her. She nodded Louis and Ashleigh came in, "so just forget it happened?" Louis asked, I nodded and looked at Niall he nodded and smiled weakly.

We headed back to school all separately, the rest of the day, went quickly surprisingly. Once school was over I met up with Ashleigh and my other friend Adam. We went to get food and head back to mine.

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