The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


32. thirty two

Lauryns POV

I woke up in Ashleigh's bed, Ashleigh was in beside me and Harry was on a heap on the floor. I rolled out of the bed and realised I was in a pink pyjamas shorts and a baggy t shirt. I walked down to the kitchen and started to clean up thinking about the events from last night. When my phone vibrated. Unknown number. Will they fuck off!

U: bad little slut.. What will the principal say?

I put my phone away and quickly cleaned, when a sleepy Louis came in, "morning, you can leave that" he smiled rubbing his eyes. "It's fine Lou" I smiled. I texted Niall,

L: we need to talk

N: where and when?

L: yours in an hour?

N: perfect x

I ran up to Ashleigh's room and grabbed a pair of grey sweats and a pair of her converse. I ran down stairs and smiled at Louis, "where are you off too?" He asked, "going to sort shit out with Niall" "give him my love" he shouted as I looked for my bag, I finally found it and grabbed my car keys and ran out to my car. I still had a good half hour so I drove towards the nearest Starbucks. I walked to the counter. I placed my order and moved to the side to wait. "Hey stranger!" I heard from behind me. I turned to see Jake. "Hey Jakey" I smiled wrapping my arms around him. "What have you been up to?" He smiled, "nothing really, I'm going over to talk to Niall" "yeah?" "Yeah" I smiled. "So summer break is next week, any plans?" I asked, "going to South Hampton for a month" "really? Awesome" "well you guys can all come visit if you's want to" "I'll say it to everyone" I smiled before grabbing my drink. I hugged Jake and walked out to my car. I drank some of my drink before placing it in my cup holder, I drove to Niall's apartment and jumped out, I locked my car before drinking the rest of my drink. I threw my cup in the bin before running up to Niall's apartment. I knocked twice and he swung the door open smiling. I walked in an he shut the door, he kissed me gently on the lips, "yum iced latte" he smiled I laughed. "The number texted me again" "show me the message" I passed him my phone, "baby, I don't care, I don't want anything more than to be with you" he smiled, "Jesus Niall, I love you more and more everyday" I said before jumping into his arms and connecting my lips to his.

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