The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


34. thirty four

*1 week later.

Lauryns POV

The number has given up texting me thank god.. Hopefully it stays that way, I was excited.. Today was the last day before a full free summer with Niall. I jumped out of bed and did my morning routine and quickly pulled on a pair of denim shorts with a white tan top. The weather was hot the last couple of days, so me and ash have been making the most of it, shorts all week. I left my hair in the messy bun it was in before putting on my flower headband. I quickly pulled on my sandals.

I walked to Ashleigh's house, and quickly knocked the door. Ashleigh quickly opened the door, 'hold on! Come in, I'm not ready' she said quickly running up stairs, I walked up and knocked Louis's door, 'come in' he called, I walked, 'morning Lou' 'hey Laur' 'we still on for that party tonight?' I asked, the party was in Harry's house tonight. 'Of course' he smiled, 'well I'll see you after school then' I laughed before leaving his room.

Me and Ashleigh walked to the school gate where we met Jake. 'Jakeyyyy! You still on for tonight?' Ashleigh smiled, 'yeah obviously, do I ever miss a party?' He smiled, before we walked into school together. 'Thank god that no more school for 3 months!' I laughed walking to my locker beside Jake. When my phone vibrated, Niall.

N: looking beautiful today sweetheart;) xx

L: thanks baby, see you second class xx

I grabbed my books, 'thank god is right' Jake smiled back. We set off to English. English went fairly quickly. Once this class was over I quickly walked to Niall's class which was a class away from the English one. I walked in and winked at him before taking my seat Jake sitting beside me.

Ashleigh's POV

I sat in class, waiting for the bell to ring, I couldn't wait for this day to be over, so I'll be free for 3 months. My phone vibrated. Harry.

H: can't wait to see you tonight beautiful:) xx

A: Har, your so cute:) xx

H: staying tonight after the party?:), I need to talk to you:p xx

A: sure thing, I need to go work! See you later xx

The bell finally rang and I quickly gathered my stuff and running from the class.

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