The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


10. ten

I pulled up outside Louis's and Ashleigh's and ran quickly to the door, I knocked over and over again until a sleepy Ashleigh opened it, I walked in to her arms and broke down. She hugged me close, my phone hasn't stopped vibrating since I left Niall's, we walked into the sittingroom, where Louis was sitting, I told them the story. "That son of a bitch! I'm going to kick his teeth in" Ashleigh said through clenched teeth. I looked at Louis, he seemed really mad. I pulled out my phone.

12 missed calls from: Niall

7 messages from: Niall

N:please come back let me explain x

N:it's not what it looks like please x

N: please don't do this, I'm sorry xx

N: babe? Please I'm so sorry nothing like this will ever happen again I'm sorry please baby:( x

L: if you cared you wouldn't have felt this morning to go to her, I gave you a chance thinking you liked me, when clearly you used me! So no Mr Horan, I will not come back to hear your sorry excuse for why you had another girl in your bedroom. I'll only ever see you in class. It's over Incase you didn't catch that!.

I left Louis's and Ashleigh's about 4, knowing my mother is on her late shift at the hospital tonight, I went home and grabbed some ice cream from the freezer and sat on the couch watching Finding Nemo.

N: please hear me out? X

L: no goodbye.

Once the movie was over I cried some more and went up to bed, I gave him and chance and he does this like we weren't even seen each other 2 days! And he was already with another girl, I wonder if she knew about me, it sounded like she only woke up when she called him, maybe she didn't know about me. I soon dozed off to sleep.

Next morning*

My alarm woke me up buzzing at 7:15 am, I turned it off and rolled out of bed, I really wasn't bothered facing Niall today, I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans with and baggy tee and a hoodie, I changed quickly, brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a quick ponytail, my eyes were so red over crying last night. I tried to apply some foundation but it didn't cover it very well. I grabbed my school bag and an apple, I decided to walk to school this morning clear my head abit. I walked to school slowly, because my first class was a double with Niall. Great. I got to school about 8:30 classes start at 8:45, fifteen minutes to burn. I grabbed my books and walked out to field. I sat there until I heard the bell ring, then I slowly walked into school, I mean who wants to spend the next two hours with your kind of ex boyfriend who is the teacher teaching the worst subject ever? Definitely not me. I walked into the class with my head down and walked to the back of the class, I looked up to see Niall watching me with concerned eyes. As if he didn't do this to me. I looked down quickly and rested my eyes on the table until I heard my phone vibrate.

N: I'm sorry, it kills me seen you like this, were you up all night? X

I put my phone away and put my head on the table and slowly drifted to sleep.

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