The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


16. sixteen

Next morning*

It was a sweatpants and over sized hoodie day, I have such bad cramps.. Women problems. I grabbed my school bag and kissed my mom goodbye. I walked out to my car and drove towards Ashleigh's house, I beeped the horn and a very chirpy Ashleigh appeared. "You look rough, did you sleep??" She asked, "yeah, time of the month" I moaned starting the car. "Oh look who's going to school today" Louis shouted out the window at me, I stuck my finger up at him and drove on towards school. "So what did you get up too yesterday?" Ashleigh asked her eyebrow raised, "the lads came over, we played some FIFA, watched movies the usual" I smiled. "There such cock blocks" she laughed as I pulled into the school car park. "I told him to ask them over, oh by the way, don't freak, we're together" I said jumping out of the car pulling my bag with me, "whatttttt???!?" I told her what happened minus the private stuff, maybe later. "Why didn't you ring me ASAP!" "Because I was in his house" I laughed as we walked up to the lockers. I checked out my timetable. Music.

I walked to the class and took a seat at the front, I love music class. When a new face came in, "who is that??" Ashleigh asked from one side of me, he had brown hair around the same length as Niall's, it looked like he just got out of bed and left it that way, he had a lip piercing and a few very visible tattoos up his arms. He wore black jeans, black tee and a black leather jacket, he wore black combat boots. "I don't know" I replied. "Okay class, we have a new student joining us, this Is Jacob Carroll, who is from South Hampton, you can sit anywhere there's a spare sit Jacob" "thanks" he said before sitting in the chair beside me, the teacher went on with the lecture, "have you a lend of a pen?" I heard from beside me, I grabbed a pen from my pencil case and handed it to him, "thanks, so what's your name?" "Lauryn" I smiled weakly, "beautiful name, beautiful girl" he smiled before he started taking notes.

Last class of the day was maths, I was excited to see Niall, just to stare at him, I grabbed my books and instantly got a cramp, I bent over and clutched my side, "fuck are you okay?" I heard someone ask, I looked up to see Jacob. "No, can you please help me, I need to go to the nurse" I said out of breath. "Yeah sure" he said helping me up and closing my locker. He walked with me to the nurses office. "Do you need me to stay? Or anything?" "No thank you so much" "it's fine, do you know where room 19 is?" I then realised he was going to my maths class, I told him the directions and asked him to tell Mr Horan where she was.

The nurse gave me a pain killer and sent me back to class once I felt better, I slowly walked back to maths, I knocked the door and walked up to Niall's desk, "sorry I'm late sir, I was in the nurses office" I mumbled, "everything okay?" He tried to ask without showing to much concern so the class wouldn't catch on. I nodded and walked to the front desk and took a seat beside Jacob considering Amy the schools popular girl sat in my usual seat. "Everything okay?" Jacob asked, "yeah, got some pain killers" I smiled at him, "thank you again" "it's fine honestly, never know when I might need some help" he smiled back. "Okay do exercise 23 page 87 please" I heard Niall say, My phone vibrated, Niall.

N:Are you okay?, you had me worried babe xx

L: cramps, but yes fine now abit sore:( xx

N: want to stay tonight? I'll doctor you babe xxx

L: I'll see:P xxx

I put my phone away and started the work.

The bell rang and I walked to my car where Ashleigh was standing already waiting. I opened the car and we got into it, I drove towards Ashleigh's, "what are you doing tomorrow? I think we should go into the city" she said before she got out of the car, "who?" "All of us" she smiled, "yeah ask Lou and the lads, I'll say it to Niall" I smiled before I drove home, thank god it's the weekend, I pulled up outside my house and slowly got out, my stomach and back are starting to hurt again, "hey baby, how was school?" "Good, really bad cramps" I said to my mam, "oh sweetie, I'm sorry I have to go to work, I wish I could stay here and mind my baby girl" "I'm going to stay in Ashleigh's I think" I smiled weakly, "okay baby" she smiled before heading to work. I walked to my room and grabbed a bag I threw a pyjamas in, my hot water bottle and clothes for tomorrow, I texted Niall,

L: hey you busy? X

N: just leaving work now, what's up? Xx

L: wanna swing by and collect me? Don't want to drive xx

N: be there in 5 beautiful:) xx

I grabbed my charger and made sure I had everything, before walking downstairs.

Niall pulled up and beeped the horn, I grabbed my bag and walked out, "feeling any better baby?" "Better than earlier anyway" I smiled, as we drove towards his apartment.

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