The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


6. six

"Hey, Laur wake up" I heard a voice, "5 more minutes" I moaned, "it's half 8, your phone rang three times" "shit!" I said jumping up quickly, I grabbed my phone and realised it was 2 missed calls from Louis and a message off my mam

M: hey darling, won't be home till late tonight, caught up at work, Ashleigh can stay if she's allowed, love you xx

L: okay thanks mam, see you later love you too xx

I brought my attention back to Niall, "it's just Louis and my mam" I smiled before ringing Louis, "where are you?" He asked the minute he answered, "Niall's, why?" "Ask him does he want to have a slumber party?" "Where?" "My house mother is gone, Ashleigh and me are here, the rest of the lads are coming" "I'll pass the phone over"

Niall and I were in my car on the way to Ashleigh's and Louis's house, I pulled up outside and decided to ring my mam, it went to voicemail "hey mam, I'm going to stay at Ashleigh's the night, I'll see you in the morning, love you" I hung up, we pulled up and got out. I ran up to the door and knocked it quickly, I jumped into Ashleigh's arms, "will you come to get my stuff with me?" I smiled, she nodded. "Be back in a few" I smiled and we left then and headed towards my house, I told her the events of which happened today and how me and Niall are going to give it ago, she got super excited and started saying how we were perfectly suited.

I grabbed my pyjamas and clothes for tomorrow and threw them into my bag, I grabbed my charger and threw that in too, we left and went quickly back to Ashleigh's where now the lads were all sitting on the couch, playing the PS3. This was going to be a fun night.

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