The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


17. seventeen

We pulled up to Niall's apartment and he gave me a piggyback up to his apartment. He opened the door and placed me on the couch, "would you like food m'lady?" I nodded, "will we order pizza?" "Yeah I'm feeling pizza" I laughed, he plonked down beside me and wrapped his arm around as he pulled out his phone and order pizza. "You feeling better now?" I nodded and snuggled into his chest. "I'm going to go get into my pyjamas" I smiled standing up, I grabbed my bag and walked into the bathroom, I bent over to grab my pjs, when a shooting pain shot through my side, I dropped to the floor and cried out in pain. I heard footsteps, "Hey baby you okay?" Niall asked from outside the door, I could only cry out to him, he came rushing in the door and picked me up, he grabbed my bag and brought me back to the couch. "Raise your arms" Niall smiled, I lifted my arms and he helped me take my top over my head, he grabbed my baggy tee, and pulled it over my head, I put my arms through, he got my bottoms, "can you stand?" I nodded and placed my hands on his shoulders to support myself, I pulled down my tracksuit and slowly pulled on my pyjamas, I sat back onto the couch, "have they ever been this bad?" I nodded "worse" I said, pulling him back to the couch to me. There was a knock on the door he jumped up to get it. He came back in with the pizza and drink, he jumped back down beside me, "this is the life you know" he smiled at me, "what?" I smiled back, "beautiful girl and pizza" he smiled I blushed. We dug in, we ended up fighting for the last slice, "Niall there was 12 slices, you ate 6! I ate 5 this is mine!" I laughed, "but please" he pouted, "nope" I smiled taking a bite of it, he looked at me with puppy eyes, I took two bites and gave him the rest, "thank you princess" he smiled then kissed me. He grabbed me a blanket and turned on the fire, "I'll be back in a minute, just have to run to the shop, turn on the telly if you want" he smiled before pecking my lips, and running out the door. I flicked through the channels and settled on a music channel.

Drunk in love came on, I love this song! I started to sing along, when Niall came back through the door with a bag in his hand, "you alright baby?" "Yeah" I smiled back at him. He ran into the kitchen and came back in with a tub of ice cream two spoons and chocolate, "Niall, you didn't have to" I moaned, "shhhhhhhh, I have to mind my princess" he smiled, jumping down beside me, "and I have popcorn inside too, so will we watch a film and get cosy baby" I nodded, "can I fill my hot water bottle?" "Yeah I'll do it rest" he smiled jumping up, he grabbed it from my bag and ran into the kitchen. He came back in and gave me the hot water bottle, we sat and watched netflix, "hey Niall, what are you doing tomorrow?" "Nothing planned why?" He asked, "I think were all going to the city, you want to come?" "Will you be better?" "Usually the cramps go by day 2" I smiled "yeah sure, how we getting there?" " I think two cars" I smiled. I pulled out my phone and texted Ashleigh,

L: me and Niall are in:) have you asked the lads?:P xx

A: All in except Zayn, he is going to Perries house:) xx

L: cool, how are we getting there? When we leaving?:) xx

A: about that, can Niall drive you two? Full car:) xx

"Niall babyyyyyy" I smiled poking his side, "yes baby" "can you drive tomorrow? If not I can" "your in no state to drive, yes of course I will, who would refuse a hour alone with you" he smiled, I kissed him.

L: yeah Niall's driving, time?:) xx

A: we're leaving at 11:30, meet you's at Niall's:) xx

L: okay cool:) xx

I snuggled into Niall and kissed his cheek, "your beautiful" i smiled at him, "thank you baby, so are you" he smiled kissing my nose, we spent the rest of the night eating ice cream and watching netflix.

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