The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


7. seven

I jumped down in between Louis and Niall, Niall wrapped his arm around me and we watched Zayn and Louis fighting over the play station, Ashleigh sat on the other couch with Harry and Liam, Zayn was in the armchair, Louis paused the game when his phone rang, "what the hell man???" Zayn said angrily "El is ringing me!" He defended himself. I chuckled, and snuggled closer to Niall, "can we watch a movie?" Ashleigh moaned I nodded my head in agreement, "Toy stor-" Liam started but was cut off by Niall and Harry, "okay I get it" I smiled jumping up to look at the DVDs, I grabbed hairspray and put it in to the playstation, "Louis! We're starting the movie!!! " Ashleigh shouted to her brother, "start without me!" He shouted back, I pressed play and went back to Niall. Louis came back in ten minutes into the movie and flopped down beside me again, "ah hairspray!!!!!!" He smiled and started watching the movie, half way through the movie, looked over at Ashleigh she was asleep on Harry's shoulder, Awh.

He decided to bring her up to her bedroom, they would be so cute together.

Ashleigh's POV

I felt two strong arms wrap around me and then I was being carried, I opened my eyes a small bit to see it was Harry, "hey sleepyhead, you okay?" He smiled, I nodded and held onto him more, "which one is yours?" "Beside Louis's" I mumbled and closed my eyes again, he opened the door and walked over and pulled back the covers and put me onto the bed, and pulled the covers up to my chin, "night Ash" he said before kissing my forehead, I dozed to sleep.

Lauryns POV

Harry came back down stairs and flopped on to the couch, the movie was nearly over and Niall, Zayn and Liam were asleep, "is ash asleep?" I asked Harry he nodded yawning. I smiled, "want food?" Louis asked, Niall stirred abit at the word food, he was too cute, I nodded and I stood up to help him, he put on some chips and I placed eggs into the pan. "So you like Niall?" "Yeah I do really" I smiled at the thought of Niall, "that's really gross!" I glared at him, "I'm kidding!" He smiled pulling me into a hug, once food was ready we sat down to eat it, "I think Harry likes Ash" Louis said suddenly, "yeah I saw that too, would you be mad?" "As long as he doesn't hurt her" he smiled, I smiled back.

"Hurt who?" I heard from behind me

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