The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


1. one

I grabbed my black leather jacket and walked out the door, I ran to Ashleigh's car, "hey girl" "damn girl your looking hot" she laughed, "you too" I smiled jumping into the car, we pulled off and towards Ashleigh's house, her older 22 year old brother Louis was throwing a massive party, I stepped out of the car and fixed my black tight fitted dress, we walked towards her house, the music was pumping. She opened the door, her house was full of college people, we walked in and went to pour ourselves a drink. "Lauryn! You made it!" I heard Louis shout, as he ran over to me, "hi Lou," I smiled, I get along with Louis even though he's four years older than me. He pulled me into a hug, and whispered in my ear, "you look damn fine" I laughed and pushed him away, and drank the rest of my drink. "Want to do shots?" Louis asked, I turned to see what Ashleigh thought, but she was over dancing with some lad. I nodded and followed Louis over to a group of rowdy lads, sitting at a small table in front of them. Louis sat on the couch and signalled for me to sit beside him, "Okay guys, this Lauryn, Lauryn this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall" he introduced them in the order they were sitting, they were all cute but the boy Niall was something else. We said our hellos, "so are we doing this shots or not?" I groaned, "someone's eager" Harry laughed. As Louis poured the shots, "on the count of three, One, two, THREE" and we all necked them back, the vodka sliding down my throat burning it as it went along. We decided to do more, I got to the fifth one and could no longer walk in my shoes, "Lou, will you-u get me-e som-me socks-s plea-ase" I hiccuped, "yeah no bothers girl" he laughed before jumping up and running to his bedroom to get me socks, I took off my cream wedges and placed them in the corner, "can't handle the shots huh?" I heard behind me, I turned to find myself facing Niall, "hey you try taking five shots then walking and dancing in them shoes!" I laughed, "point taking" he chuckled, Louis came down with a pair of white socks with blue toes and heels, "thanks Lou" I smiled, "anytime" he winked. "Want anymore shots?" I asked, "are you sure you can handle them?" He asked laughing, "come on" I laughed pulling him over to the table.

Many shots later

Me and Niall were dancing in the middle of everyone, our bodies pressed so close, I could feel his erection growing as I grind against him. I turned to face him his lips connected to mine as his hand moved up and down my sides, "wanna get out of here?" He whispered as he pulled away, I nodded, I went over to get my shoes, bag and jacket I took Louis's socks off and pulled back on my shoes, "you ready?" Niall asked holding my waist so I didn't fall over, I nodded. There was a taxi outside already so we jumped into that one. Niall told the man his address, it wasn't that far from my house. I traced my fingers up and down Niall's thigh knowing it was driving him crazy, he nibbled on my ear, and then whispered, "hold on, we're nearly there" "I don't think I can" I whispered, "trust me if I could I'd take you right here" "I'd let you" I said, "were here" he said and paid the man, he opened the door and jumped out, he helped me out of the taxi and we entered the apartment block, he connected his lips to mine as we entered the elevator, he pressed floor 2 and we soon arrived, he fiddled with the keys and soon we were in, he pulled my jacket off me and helped me out of my dress, lifted his shirt over his head while he unbuckled his belt I kicked off my shoes his trousers were off, his lips connected to mine again and he pulled me into the bedroom, he pulled me to the bed and I sat on top of him my legs at either side of him, our tongues tangled, he flipped us so I was under him. He kissed down my neck, I arched my back so he could remove my bra, he removed my thong and ripped open a condom he rolled it on and entered me, he was huge, but damn it felt more then amazing, he pulled most of the way out and slammed back into me, repeating this I was so close to giving him my body, "I'm s-oo c-clos-se-e" I moaned, "me-e too" he thrust once more and that set me off, I screamed his name, "fuck Lauryn" he moaned before he twitched and collapsed on top of me. He pulled out and deposited the condom, he pulled me close and I fell asleep.

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