The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


19. ninth teen

After we set up for the party, me and Ashleigh rushed quickly over to my house to get ready, I quickly showered, and sat infront of the mirror, dried my hair, Ashleigh jumped into the shower, I crimped my hair and applied tan, I put on a baggy tee. I dried Ashleigh's hair and put loose curls in it, "so, do you like Harry?" She looked down smiling, "ohhhhhhhhhh, I know that smile girl!" I laughed finishing her hair, she did her tan while I done my make up. I quickly changed into my new dress and red wedges along with a red blazer, I quickly applied some red lipstick. Ashleigh finished her make up, "what are we going find for you to wear?" I smiled walking into the walk in wardrobe. She followed, I chose a pink peplum dress and cream wedges. She walked out looking beautiful. I whistled, "hey your the hot one" she smiled. We walked down the stairs and my mom smiled, "girls! You's look beautiful" "thanks mom" I smiled, she took a picture of us. Harry dropped by and collected us. We drove to Ashleigh's, which was already packed. We stepped out of the car and walked into the party, I spotted Niall's blonde hair, I went to walk up to him when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and came face to face with Jacob, "hey" "hey Jacob" I smiled, I then looked around and realised a good lot of my year was here. Fuck sake, there's no way i can spend the night with Niall now. "You alright?" Jacob asked me, "eh yeah I'll come find you in a minute" I smiled, "hold on, is that Mr Horan?" I looked to see Niall his hair flat down in dark denim jeans and a grey t shirt and white converse, laughing talking to Louis, "yeah he's friends with Louis, Ashleigh's brother" I went to go find Ashleigh, she was over with Harry, I couldn't talk to Louis because he was with Niall, I found Eleanor, "hey El will you do me a massive favour?" "Yeah sure what's up?" "Will you go and ask Niall to meet me in Louis's room?" "Uh sure?" She said confused "I can't go up to him, he's my teacher and most of my class is here" "okay, you go up I'll tell him" she smiled walking towards them, I ran up to Louis's room, a few minutes later, Niall came in, "lock the door" I said he locked it, "baby what's up?" "Half the year is here, I can't be seen with you tonight" I pouted, "Awh but you can come and stay in mine tonight you look so beautiful" he smiled coming towards me, I nodded and smiled weakly at him. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and walked out of Louis's room, i walked downstairs and Niall followed a few minutes later, I started taking shots with Ashleigh and after the sixth, I was fucked. Ashleigh went to "talk" to Harry, I looked over to see Niall talking and laughing with Wren a blonde cheerleader in my year, I sat onto the couch and then Jacob sat beside me, "hey" "hey jake, can I call you jake?" He nodded, "how are you liking it here" "it's cool, everyone is nice and all" we talked for abit, he left to go find his friend will, I looked back to see Niall still talking to Wrem, I got annoyed not at the fact that Niall was talking to another girl but at the fact, Wren was a slut, and Niall was drinking. I stood up and stumbled over, "Hi Wren, Mr Horan" "Lauryn" was all I got out of Wren, "Hi Lauryn, how are you?" "Fine" I said annoyed, and walked to the table beside them and smiled at Louis, "wanna do shots?" He nodded and we took three shots each, I started to dance. I looked for Niall he was now at the downstairs bathroom talking to Liam, I drank off the last of my drink, I quickly pulled off my shoes and stumbled over, I checked no one was around, "sorry Liam" I said before pulling Niall into the bathroom, I instantly connected my lips to his, his hands roamed my body, he pulled away "why were you so cold to me earlier?" "I was jealous" I pouted, "your the only girl for me princess" he smiled before reconnecting our lips. Then the door opened, I quickly pulled away and looked to see someone I really didn't want to see.


(A/n who is itttttttt???)

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