The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


9. nine

I woke up to a warm breath on my neck, I rolled over in the single bed to snuggle closer to Niall. We slept in the spare room, in a single bed. "Hey baby" he whispered, "hi" I whispered. "What time is it?" "7:15" "why are you awake?" "Your too warm" I smiled at him, "do you want me to get out?" "Nooo!" I smiled pulling him closer. "Go back to sleep babe" he smiled. I nodded and slowly dozed to sleep cuddled to Niall.

I woke up to an empty bed, I rolled out and walked over to my bag, I walked out to the kitchen where Louis was sitting with Liam and Zayn, "Ashleigh is asleep Harry is gone shop, Niall had to go home, your to text him" Louis said I nodded sitting down. I pulled out my phone I had a message from Niall

N:hey text me when your awake xx

L: hey why did you sneak out on me:( xx

N:sorry babe, had to do something, call over about 2 if you want:) xx

L: see you then xx

I put my phone away and stole one of Louis's pancakes, "hey!" "Sorry Lou" I smiled eating the pancake, he pouted. "Okay guys I'm going to head home guys, it's being a pleasure" I smiled standing up and grabbing my bag, they all hugged me and I left to get into my car, 12:36 pm . I drove to my house and opened my door. I texted my friend Hayden,

L:hey girl, want to call over?

H: be over in ten

I walked in, "hey mam, how are you this fine morning?" "Why are you so chirpy?" I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed an apple. I ran up to my room and brushed my hair out, and pulled it into a fishtail braid, I changed into a black baggy crop top, with a red skater skirt along with some black tights and my black Doc Martins. I applied some make up and then there was a knock on my door, "hey girl" Hayden smiled walking in, her ginger hair pulled into a high messy bun, she had on a baggy hoody with a pair of boyfriend jeans. "Hey, what's up" I smiled, "where are you off to looking hot" I winked at her, we talked for awhile.

It came to half 1, Hayden left. I walked to my car and got in I drove to Niall's house. I walked up to his apartment block and knocked his door. It took him awhile to open the door. When he did his hair was messy and he was half naked. "Hey Laur, what's up?" "You told me to come over?" I said, "oh yeah sorry baby, can you give me a minute" I nodded and he shut the door. Why is he being so weird?.

I sat down outside his apartment, when he opened the door, to let me in. "You look beautiful" he smiled pulling me down beside him on the couch. When I heard a massive bang from Niall's bedroom, he cussed under his breath, "Niall?" I heard a girl call from his bedroom. I looked at him angrily. I stood up and walked quickly out the door, "Lauryn! Please, Lauryn! It's not what it looks like!" I heard Niall say behind me before I ran out of his apartment. I could feel the tears, how could I be so stupid! I was a stupid girl he could use! I could feel the tears roll down my face as I got into my car, I broke down and drove straight to Louis's and Ashleigh's house

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