The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


14. fourteen

I got up and got into my pyjamas, "babe I don't think you should get dressed" he said from behind me. "I think I should" I smiled, he jumped up and pulled on his boxers, he lay on the bed under the covers, "come to me" he winked, I walked over to him and jumped in beside him, he pulled me over to him. "Goodnight baby" he whispered kissing my forehead. "Night Ni" I whispered before falling asleep in the warmth of his arms.

Next morning*

"Babe" I heard Niall calling me, "mmm?" I mumbled, "come on, you have to go to school" he said shaking me abit, "five minutes" I moaned, "no come on baby" he was beside me now, I opened my eyes to see his beautiful blue eyes staring down at me, "please" I said with a pout. "Babyyyyyy" he smiled crouching down to face me. "Can I just stay here and then you come home on your break" I asked pouting, "do you want to do that?" I nodded, "my most important class is maths, but it's fine because I can't concentrate in that class cause all I can ever think about is Mr Horans hands all over my body" I smiled, "tease! Just when I have to go to work, I'll be back at 1 and plan on making that fantasy come through baby" he smiled before kissing my lips, I pulled him down to the bed and rolled on top of him, "or you could go in late?" I said out of breath, "I can't babe reall-" he then let out a moan as I suck his neck while grinding against his penis. He grabbed the end of my tee and ripped it over my head, he took my right nipple in his hand and started playing with it while he connected his lips to the other, "I guess that's a yes?" I moaned, he pulled away, "hand me my phone" I grabbed his phone from his jeans pocket making sure to rub off his growing erection, he hissed "fuck Lauryn". I handed him his phone. He dialled a number, "Hi Mr Curran, yes it's Niall Horan, s-sorry about t-the late notice-e but I won't-t" he gave me a warning look as I kept grinding him, I smiled evilly "be able-e to make-e it in-n, I'm dying-g with a cold-d, yes thank you-u" he hung up and threw his phone away, he pulled my head down to his and connected his lips to mine, before flipping us, "your such a tease" he whispered before pulling my bottoms down, he dropped down to the floor and pulled my legs over the edge of the bed, he opened my legs as far as they could go and started to kiss the insides of my thighs, he started to flick his tongue over my sensitive nub a few times, such a tease, "Niall-l please-e!" He plunged two fingers inside me while making 8s with his tongue. "Oh fuck" I moaned tangling my hands in his hair. I could feel my self coming close, "Niall-l" he knew so to, "let it go baby let it go" that push me over the edge, he pulled his fingers out of me and licked them clean. "Fuck baby, that shit is good" "fuck me, hard" I hissed, "your wish is my command" he said unbuckling his belt, he pulled his jeans down and kicked them off, along with his boxers, he grabbed a condom and rolled it on, he placed himself at my entrance and pushed in. He slowly moved in and out of me, "Faster! Niall-l you-r killing-g me" he grunted and picked up the pace he slammed into me, soon we both hit our highs. He pulled out of me and pulled me to him. "Are you glad you stayed out of work" "yes baby, now I can stay with you" he smiled before kissing me.

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