The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


11. eleven

I was woken by the bell, the class started to clear out, "ehm, Lauryn, could I talk to you please?" Niall said from the top of the classroom as I put my books away. I walked up, "What Niall? What do you want? Do you not think I've being humiliated enough? Now your going to make up a really bad excuse to why there was a girl in your room after you invited me over and spent the night with me! Well I don't want to hear it!" I could feel the tears so I turned to walk out of the class, "her name is Abby!" This got my attention I turned back to him, "And she has been my friend years, I went home to correct tests for today, she was asleep in my room, her boyfriend had been abusing her, she left him that night and had no where to go! She knew where my spare key was, I started to correct the tests and fell asleep, on the couch, you didn't give me a chance to explain" he said, "how do I know you didn't just make this up on the way to school" "I promise you, that I just told you the truth, I'd never want to hurt you, I've never felt like this about a girl before please believe me" "one chance!" "That's all I need, my house? 7?" I nodded ad wiped my tears and walked out of his class

I went to mcdonalds with Ashleigh for lunch, "so your giving him another chance" "I think so, I need to ring lou" I pulled out my phone, "hey Lou, does Niall have a friend called Abby?" "Yeah, since he was younger why?" I told him the story. "I believe him Laur" "okay thanks Lou" I said before hanging up.

When we headed back to school, we had a free class for history, as the teacher was out. I walked in and Niall was sitting at the top of the class. "Okay class, you have a study class, so please take out books or something to do", I went to take out a book, when my phone started vibrating.


N: please go to sleep, you really don't look well, I don't want you to be sick xxx

L: I'm fine, I was crying all last night that's why there red, thank you for being concerned xxx

N: well it was my fault, I'm so sorry xxx

L: it's fine Niall, correct your work:P xxx

N: so I can spend more time with you tonight:P xxx

L: whatever Loser!:P xxx

N: I'll get you in trouble;) xxx

L: go for it:) xxx

"Lauryn, no phones in class please" he said from the top of the class, "yes sorry sir" I mumbled.

L: dickhead:( xxx

N: sorry :( xxx

L: sorry teachers been a dick text you later;) xxx

N: tell him I'll kick his ass:) xxx

I put my phone away and fell asleep.

(a/n: sorry I scared you's! It's all good😄😄😄)

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