The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


18. eighteen

Next morning

"Baby" I heard Niall say, I opened my eyes, "huh?" I asked, "come on baby, we have to leave soon" "I don't want to get out of bed" I moaned. "Come on" he laughed pulling the blanket off me, "okay you win" I moaned rolling out of bed, I walked to my bag and the bathroom, I brushed my hair and left it down my back, I pulled on black skinnys a guns n roses tee with a dark grey hoodie and dark grey vans. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Niall dressed in denim jeans, white hightops, white tee and a black jacket. "Hey you look beautiful" he smiled kissing me gently on the lips. Then there was a knock on the door, Niall ran to get it, I heard Ashleigh throughout the house, "Lauryn!!!!" "Ashleigh!!!!" I shouted back she ran to me and pulled me into a hug, "i missed you" she laughed then I heard "you's saw each other yesterday" I turned to see Harry standing at the door smiling, "you jealous?" I winked, "no, I can get a hug anytime I want" he laughed, "oh can you?" Ashleigh asked him eyebrow raised. I walked into the kitchen and Louis pulled me into a hug, I pulled away then Liam pulled me into a hug, "hey guys" I smiled, "we all ready to go children?" Louis shouted, Harry and Ashleigh came in smiling, Niall came over with a lunchbox. We all set out the door. Me and Niall got into his jeep, he smiled, "you hungry baby?" I nodded, he handed me a lunchbox, I opened the box and smiled at Niall, the packed pancakes for us, "your so cute" "thanks" he smiled back, "hand me one there, I'm going to starve" he moaned, "no you are not" I laughed handing him one. We spent the rest of the car drive, getting to know each other more.

When we got to the city I rang Ashleigh,

A: hey girl

L: where will we meet you's?

A: super king mall

L: okay be there in 5

I hung up and told Niall where to go.

He pulled up to the mall and parked, I'm happy we're out of town, me and Niall can act like a couple. We jumped out and he locked the car, and took my hand, we walked to the entrance, where everyone was, "El and Danielle are coming down" Louis and Liam said with smiling heads, "okay cool" Niall smiled. We walked in and sat waiting for El and Danielle, soon they came in, Louis jumped up and basically attacked El, Liam kissed Danielle and then we decided to go shopping, of course, we went to the girls clothes shops first. "I think we should have a party in mine tonight" Louis smiled, "yeah man if your up for it" Liam said and we all nodded, "yeah we may be home for about 5, I'll start texting people, we'll buy stuff here and then start setting up about 5 it'll start about half 9" Louis smiled, "how long were you thinking about this?" "The whole way here" he smiled "okay sounds good" "text who ever as long as I don't hate them" Louis smiled.

Me and Niall went separately, we walked into a really cute shop. I seen a really nice black dress that clung to my body, and I grabbed it and tried it on. I quite like it, i took it off and changed back into my own clothes. I walked out of the changing room, "you going to buy it?" He smiled, I nodded and went up to the woman at the desk and payed for the dress, we spent the rest of the day, shopping then we met up with everyone for food. Harry and Ashleigh are quite close, I smiled and whispered to Niall, "I'm going to set the up tonight" he looked at me eyebrow raised.

(A/N: please please please let me know what you all think please:) don't be ghost readers!! I think there might be drama next chapter:P xx)

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