The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


8. eight

"Hurt who?" I heard from behind me, i turned to see a sleepy Niall. "Ashleigh" Louis said, "who better not hurt Ashleigh?" Niall asked confused, we told him our theory of Harry and Ashleigh. "Ohhh!" He laughed coming closer to us, "why are you awake sleepy?" I asked him as he sat beside me, "I smelled food" he smiled taking one of my chips, "hey!!" I pouted. "What I like food?" He smiled shyly at me, "so do I!" I said pretending to be annoyed, "Awh I'm sorry" he smiled. "Where's mine?" He pouted at Louis and me, "you were asleep!" Louis laughed, "you know where everything is" he added, "Laur" Niall smiled sweetly at me, "make it yourself Mr Horan" I laughed, "your evil, both of you's!" He laughed walking to the fridge, he made himself food. "Can we wake everyone and play truth or dare?" Louis whined, "you wake them though" Niall laughed, stuffing his face. Louis jumped up and ran into the sitting room shouting, "wake up WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Wakee uppppp!!" Me and Niall laughed and he came over and placed his lips onto mine. When Louis ran back in, "Harry's going to kick my ass! Hide me" he shouted, I giggled and Louis got under the table the table cloth covered him. Harry came in, "where is Louis?" "Why?" Niall asked, "he screamed in my ear" "he's under the table" Niall laughed, "Niallllll!!!!!!!!" I heard Louis moan before he crawled out from under the table and ran out the back door. Harry ran after him, "neither of them are wearing shoes" I laughed, "ah they'll be grand" he smiled before connecting his lips to mine again, I ran my hands through his hair, "get a room!!!" I heard Ashleigh whine, why can't anyone leave us be?. "I thought you were asleep?" "Well Mr Horan! My idiot brother woke me up, where is he?" "Harry ran after him, and you've known me 3 years now! Call me Niall!" He moaned I giggled. "How is Zayn and Liam still asleep?" She yawned, "I'm no longer asleep" Liam said from behind us, Louis burst back through the door with leaves in his hair, "whAt happened?" Liam asked as Harry ran though the door and pulled Louis into a headlock, "Harrrrrry!!! I'm sorry" Louis whined, "okay okay" Harry laughed letting go of Louis, we all sat around the table and played truth or dare, "okay! Lauryn!!" Louis laughed. Oh no. "Dare" I smiled "I dare you to run down the street with only your bra and knickers on" "no way" "well then you have to make out with Ashleigh for a minute" Harry smirked, perverts. I walked over and connected my lips with Ashleigh's, "that's so hot!" Harry laughed, "that's gross! That's my sister!" Louis whined. When my dare wa over I got to dare Louis, "I dare you to kiss Zayn" "or what?" He asked, "you have to run next door to Sasha's naked" Ashleigh laughed, "I'll kiss Zayn" I followed him into the sitting room and snapped a picture as Louis kissed Zayn, "what the hell Louis?" Zayn woke up shocked, "it was a dare and Lauryn made me" he shouted and ran after me, i tweeted the picture

"@lauryn123: Awh what happens when we play truth or dare! Louis and Zayn!"

"Lauryn take that down!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis shouted as I ran into the kitchen and hid behind Niall I wrapped my arms around him, "don't let him get me" I laughed holding Niall tighter.

(A/N: hey guys, hope your liking this let me know! I'm sick at the minute and hoping to update loads! Guess what I'm watching!!! This is us! It makes me cry so much! An I'm going to see them in 44 days!!! I'm so excited!)

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