The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


36. 36

I felt sick. I was so angry!. I walked from the bathroom and walked to Niall. "I know who was blackmailing me" I said, "who?" Niall asked looking at me, "Wren" I said angrily looking around for her, I saw her bleached blonde hair and fake tanned skin, I walked up to her. "Wren! Did you lose something?" I asked angrily, "em no ha why?" She laughed, I pulled out the phone and showed her, she quickly tried to snatch it from my hand. "Nah huh!" I said pulling it away, "your a slag you know, that's disgusting going out with your teacher, he's only using you and he's older than you why would he really like you" she snapped. I laughed, "you know Niall isn't that much older than me right? And you throw yourself at him, and you know something I think your jealous and want him so you blackmailed me and your not going to tell anyone, because Niall quit today and he wouldn't quit if he was using me! And by the way blackmailing is illegal too, so we go down your coming too!" I snapped before quickly throwing her phone at her and walking away. I ran up to Niall and quickly connected my lips to his. "Get a room!" I heard Zayn shout, I pulled away and laughed. "I love you" I smiled at Niall, "I love you too baby" he smiled before kissing me again.

Harry's POV

I was so happy I finally got up the courage to ask Ashleigh to be my girlfriend. I haven't felt like this about a girl in so long, I grabbed her hand, "shall we dance?" I smiled as she tried to run from me I pulled her by her waist back to me, "why are you running away from me?" I pouted, "Awh I'm sorry" she smiled before kissing my lips. We walked back to the crowd and started to dance. I looked and saw Niall and Lauryn. It's so good to see Niall happy. A happy Niall is a happy everyone. I have a feeling this is going to be a good summer. Me and ash started to dance. Swaying to the music, when an intoxicated Louis came up. "Baby sister, Hazza!" He slurred "hey Lou" I laughed, "Haz can I talk to you?" He asked, "yeah sure" I smiled walking to Louis, "you better mind my little sister punk" he said sternly, "of course I will Louis!" I smiled "I love her"

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