The hot math teacher

It started at a party, will it continue? Even if his career is on the line?


35. 35

Lauryns POV

I quickly swiped the nude lipstick across my lips before looking my self over once more in the mirror, I wore a pair of denim shorts, a white crop top and white vans. It was a summer outdoor party so I decided on casual summer clothes. I had my hair in a half ponytail and the rest down my back in curls. I quickly ran down stairs and walked to the corner, where Niall was waiting in his car. I got in, "you look amazing baby" he smiled before kissing my cheek. My phone vibrated. Unknown Number..

U: you and mr Horan are so cute.. Whore

Oh god, oh god. Why can't we be happy!.

"Baby? You okay?" Niall asked grabbing my hand, "eh yeah of course" I smiled, as he drove towards Harry's.

The house was pumping with music and packed with people. I jumped out of the car and walked in side by side with Niall. First person I saw was Wren.. I quickly walked away from Niall, but he pulled me back to his side. "Niall! What the hell?, Wren is right there!" I scolded, "it doesn't matter" he smiled, "what of course it matters!" I said trying to get away. "I quit my job today" this got my attention, I turned to him quickly to see a smile split across his face. "What!" I said shocked, "how are you going to survive with no job?" I asked angrily, "I have a job!" He said slightly annoyed, "what?" I asked confused, "I looked for a job, before I quit, I now work at Nando's" he smiled. "Eh hi Lauryn, Mr horan" Wren said awkwardly, "hey Wren" I smiled, "Wren" Niall smiled. I then saw Jake walk in, "excuse me" I said walking away andtoward Jake. "Hey Laur" "hi Jake" I smiled pulling him into a hug.

Ashleigh's POV

I walked into Harry's house, it was packed I didn't know most people, I walked in and saw his curly head. "hazzzzzza!" I shouted before jumping onto his back. "Ash!" He laughed, and I jumped down and kissed him. "Hi Ash" "hi Haz" he smiled handing me a drink, "you look beautiful" he smiled, "thank you" "c'mere till I talk to you for a second" he said taking my hand and pulling me out the back. "Ash! Will you do me honour of being my girlfriend?" A smile broke out on to my face, "yes, yes of course!" I pulled him into a kiss. I pulled away with a smile on my face. We walked back into the party hand in hand, where I saw Niall and Lauryn dancing and kissing. Awh they are so cute. "Ashleigh!" I heard Louis call me, "sorry Haz, back in a second" I smiled walking to my annoying brother. "Mom called, dads been rushed to hospital"

Lauryns POV

Niall had his arms wrapped around my waist, I leaned back against him. "Babe I'm going to go to the bathroom, I'll meet you back here somewhere" I smiled walking away to go to the bathroom. I got in there and there was a white iphone at the sink. I locked the door and being nosey, I looked through the phone seen an all to familiar number and messages. This phone belonged to who was texting me them messages. I quickly went into pictures to see if there was any I might recognise. I clicked the first picture. Oh god, I quickly scrolled through them. Oh god. The biggest mouth in school.


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