i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


9. You were never a servant for me


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Niall´s PoV

I had nothing left anymore. Nothing, to focus on, nothing to hold… nothing to love. They took everything away from me and forced me to be their slave for the rest of my life. And now it would end here in this cold, wet cellar, where the rats lived. Three days had passed by with just some bread and water. My stomach rebelled and grumbled. I wrapped my arms around my hurting knees and sighed. I knew, I wouldn´t ever be rich or live with luxury, but I´ve never expected this.

The small room, in which I sat, was empty and dark. I had nothing here, just an old blanket and some water. I think, that´s how they punished their slaves, when they weren´t working. Hopefully Cara wouldn´t get some punishment too, like me.  It wasn´t her fault anyways!

I slowly slid my bare feet over the cold ground and tried to get in a comfortable sleeping-position, but it hurted everywhere. They had beaten me, for taking Cara out of the flower-garden. I gasped in pain and bit my lip, trying to suppress the awful pain inside my bones. My lips were swollen, but I didn´t knew, who had hit me there, it just felt terrible. I lay down on the hard ground slowly and closed my eyes, trying to catch some sleep, but hours passed by, not letting me sleep for at least a second. The pain was stronger than my tiredness. I built fists and stared at my knuckles, which were red and hurted, by working all the time outside. The wounds there tore up by the stress of my dirty skin and slowly the blood streamed down my fists.

I bit my lower lip and tried to hold back the tears, but I failed. I missed Greg, Mum and Dad so much. I didn´t had somebody here with me, who I could actually call a friend. If I were at home, mum would take off my jacket and led me in the warm kitchen, giving me some healthy meat with rice and potatoes. She would smile and sit down next to me and Greg, asking us, how we spent our day. Dad wouldn´t be at home, he definitely would come home a little bit later, because he had to work in the stables, not far from our village. But we were torn off. People took me away and forced me to be a slave.


*nine years ago*

“Niall? Come on, Dinner is ready!” Mum said quietly. I knew, she just wanted me to leave this place, where the future servants had to wait. I knew, she was nervous and tried to get Greg and me away. We shouldn´t leave Ireland, like she always said to dad. I couldn´t see daddy yet. The woman from earlier wanted to speak with him. Greg built fists next to me and bit his lower lip, like he always did, when he was nervous, but I didn´t understand why. Everything was okay, wasn´t it? The woman from England wouldn´t take a son from their family, who wasn´t older than eighteen. Daddy said, I shouldn´t be scared, but he never told me, that it would actually be me, who they´d took to England. At the moment, I didn´t knew, that I would be the chosen kid, who would leave its family and never come back.

My gaze went over the fields, looking for Daddy, but instead of him, I saw two children, who stood there awkwardly, holding each other´s hand. I smiled, because I knew, that they got lost or something. I wanted to be a good son, so I made my way over to them, making a polite smile, like mum had taught me to. I think they had to be the children of the rich woman, who arrived earlier this day. The poor children wouldn´t dare to speak with both of them, because they were afraid of the rich people. But I didn´t knew, why somebody should be afraid of a rich human. They were just people like us. No differences.

I slightly walked over to them and tapped slightly on the girl´s shoulder, still smiling at her. She shrugged and turned around, making a surprised expression. I had to chuckle, because she seemed so lost here.

“My name is Niall, and yours?” I asked smiling, trying to make her feel comfortable here. She hesitated like the brown haired boy next to her, but finally, she dared to speak.

“My name is Cara.” she whispered, and immediately I knew it.

She was the most beautiful girl, I´ve had ever seen.


I sighed and still watched my fists, feeling a warm breeze, which filled my veins suddenly. Cara never really left my mind since that day. Her beautiful blue eyes and that cheeky smile, she had to smile, when she looked at me for a short time. We were like people from two different worlds, who adored each other… If she was like me, I´d take care of her and protect her in every way, I could. But she wasn´t like me. She belonged to Louis and not to the poor servant from Ireland, who just fell in love with her.

And with that, I finally passed out into a deep sleep.


“Niall?” a soft voice whispered and I was gently rubbed at my hurting shoulder. My cheek was pressed to the icy ground under me and hurted like mad. I panted quietly and my eyes fluttered open, just to stare in that beautiful face in front of me. She looked worried and caressed my other cheek, which immediately burned under her touch. I slid my hands from my body and tried to lift my up, but it hurted so much, that I fell with my stomach back on the stone ground.

“Niall!” she gasped and held my face in her warm hands, making the heat pump through my veins. She kneeled next to my weak body and stroked my back, trying to get the life back in my arms and legs, but I just lay there gasping quietly and tried to keep my eyes open.

“I´ll take you with me.” she decided and gently helped me, to get up in a sitting position, which, I had to admit, hurted like hell! I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back a gasp, because it would just make it even worse. Cara looked such worried and I could feel, that she thought, everything was her fault.

“It´s okay, just hurts a lil´ bit.” I mumbled quietly and she helped me slowly to get up on my feet. I groaned out in pain, as I finally stood on my shaking legs. They had beaten me there on my back so hard, I wasn´t even able to feel something. My legs felt numb.

“Wait, I´ll help you.” she mumbled quietly and took my arm around her shoulders, trying to lift me up a little bit.

“You can´t do that! If… if somebody catches you, you´ll get punished too!” I panted, as she led me to the stairs, which led out of the dark cellar.

“Stop talking.” she just demanded and helped me up the stairs, which made me panting with every step I made. I just felt so weak and broken next to her, that it was embarrassing. I wanted to be the one, who held and protected her.

But it felt so good, to have Cara here with me that the pain faded within seconds. Her touch on my skin made me shiver and sent goose bumps all over my arms. I gulped, as she brought me into her big room. Everything looked so… luxury and royal.

She blushed slightly, as she noticed my amazed gaze.

“I know... it´s such overstated… “ She mumbled and led me over to the king-sized double bed. I gasped and refused, loosening her grip around me.

“Look at me Cara… I can´t be here.” I mumbled quietly and stepped backwards. I was just some servant, who refused being a slave. A rebel, which would be punished.

“If you won´t stay, I´ll go with you down that cellar, so you decide.” she growled angrily and grabbed my hand. Again I felt the heat and a smile hushed over her face. I sighed and finally agreed with her. I didn´t wanted her down that dark cellar, where she just would get hungry and weak.

“I´ll bring you towels and you can take a shower, if you want…” she said smiling shyly and bringing me into the big bathroom, which belonged to her big room. I gasped, as she closed the door behind me, leaving me alone in the huge room. There was a luxury bathtub and a huge mirror, in which I avoided to look. I must have looked like a death man. I walked over to the tub and turned the hot water on, not believing, what Cara had given to me. The drops turned into a warm water jet and I held my shivering fingers under it. The heath pulsed through my veins and I smiled. I´ve never had such luxury before.

“Niall?” Cara asked softly from outside on knocked on the door. I turned around, just as she opened the door slightly and stepped in with soft-looking towels and shampoo for men.   

“I have brought some oils and shampoo for you.” she smiled gently and walked over to the tub and poured the orange liquid in the bottle in the water, making it foam up slightly.

“Thank you so much!” I smiled bright, as she walked over to me and hugged me slowly. She chuckled slightly at my chest and lifted her face to look in my eyes.

“You deserved it, instead of me.” she smiled, which made me sighing.

“We both. You just don´t know it yet. You deserved so much better, like a lovely family” I mumbled quietly, which made her blushing and stepping back again, revealing her hug around me.

“I´ll leave you in here, just call, if there is something, you need.” she smiled weakly and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her and leaving me alone. I watched to door for a few moments, before I turned back to the bathtub and turned off the water. Then I slowly slid off my dirty clothes and stepped in the warm water.

A moan of pleasure escaped my lips, as my body slid into the warm water, revealing me from my pain immediately. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, trying to leave every thought in my mind. I just wanted to feel free and good. The oil, Cara had poured in, smelled like mango or something, which made me smiling. I loved it.

I don´t know, how much I had been laying in here, enjoying every second, but then she knocked against the door slightly and chuckling.

“Uhm Niall? C-can I come in?” she asked slowly, which made me blushing. I don´t wanted to be rude, so I agreed and she opened the door slowly.

“Uhm I´ve brought you some wearable clothes.” she said smiling weakly and put them on the white counter next to the bathtub, not revealing my face with her eyes. Her cheeks were red, which made me chuckling slightly.

“I usually don´t interrupt men at taking a bath, but I forgot, that your clothes must be very uncomfortable.” she mumbled and took my old shirt and the trousers from the ground, putting them into the washer. I laughed slightly and calmed down, because my body was hidden under the foam of the oil. She couldn´t see anything.

“So then… if you´ve finished, I´ll bring you something to eat.” she smiled and left me again in the huge bathroom. She did so much for me and I wasn´t even able to get her something back.



Cara´s PoV

I sat there on my huge bed, waiting for Niall to come outside the bathroom. He had looked so happy and joyful, as I brought him up here in my room. He wasn´t used to this, so it must be so special for him, but I still felt guilty for not making more for him. He deserved so much more.

I think a whole hour passed by, after I had took his dirty clothes outside the bathroom, but he still was in there, so I stood up and turned some music on. I had been telling the servants, that nobody would go in my room, including Louis. Niall would stay here longer than only this evening. I would care for him, till he was healthy and strong again and Louis wouldn´t find him here.


“Cara?” Niall asked and opened the door, walking outside with his new clothes. They looked great on him, just the shirt was a little bit too tight, but it showed his muscles perfectly, which made me gasping for air. I never imagined how hot he could look. He had toned abs from working all the day and I had to gulp, as he stood there in front of me.

“A-are you staring?” he chuckled and blushed slightly, still drying his blonde hair with a towel. I shrugged and fast shook my head, blushing immediately.

“The clothes fit perfect, don´t they?” I asked smiling and tried to avoid looking at his trained chest.

“Yeah they actually do! Thank you so much again and again Cara.” he laughed quietly and smiled shyly.

I nodded and looked at the ground. I couldn´t hold his gaze against mine any longer and turned around, looking at the big bed. He would sleep in here and nobody would catch him.

“You´re hungry?” I asked and turned around again, smiling politely.

“Uhm...” he mumbled awkwardly and his stomach grumbled as answer, which made him blushing and me chuckling.

“Don´t worry, I´ve brought some food.” I smiled and brought him to my desk, were I had put the books and stuff away. Instead of college books, there were warm chicken wings and salad.

“I hope it´s enough?” I asked which made him smiling.

“You´ll eat with me?” he asked and I noticed the sound of hope in it, which made my cheeks turning red. I sat down slowly next to him and watched him eating hungrily.

“You´re not hungry?” he asked worried and stopped eating.

“I´ve eaten before” I smiled and forced him to eat all the chicken and the whole salad bowl, till he was full. I had to laugh as he mumbled something with throwing up.

“Try to catch some sleep, okay?” I smiled and put the plates away, bringing him to the big bed.

“Oh seriously no!” he refused immediately and stepped backwards.

“I can´t force you to sleep with a servant in the bed.” he mumbled ashamed and looked at the ground, but I took his hand and sat down on the bed, pulling him next to me. He crossed his hands on his lap and avoided my gaze, as he sat next to me, and I sighed slightly.

“Niall?” I asked quietly and made him looking at me. He bit his lower lip, and I knew, that he was ashamed and sad.

“Yes?” he mumbled in a weak whisper and looked into my eyes. Our faces were just a few inches apart, but I didn´t mind.

“You never were a servant for me.” I spoke with a soft voice. 

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