i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


6. The town

I´ll try to update this evening! :) But school has started again, so I´m a lil bit busy :( And thanks to the two readers, who came up with the idea -Team #Nara and #Couis- ^^ 

The next chapter is dedicated to you! xx  @harry...angel.x and @Nerd-forever021


Before Louis could say something more, I walked out of my room and left him there alone. I just wanted somebody, who would understand me.

“Dad?” I asked, as I stepped down the stairs in the big hallway. There were a few servants, but they avoided me, like everyone did. Dad would punish them, if they would dare speaking to his important daughter. 

“Yes honey?” he asked from his big office room and I walked on, hoping he was in a god mood. His desk was full with books and many contract-stuff. He grumbled slightly and wrote something on his notice-block, before he switched over to his computer.

“Uhm, I wanted to ask, if I could go to the town… There are a few things, I have to do.” I mumbled and didn´t dare to look in his eyes.

“Why don´t you send a servant?” he asked busy and wrote something on a few contracts.

“It´s just, I wanna spend some time in the town.” I said afraid of his reaction. Hopefully he wouldn´t get angry again.

He raised his head and looked at me.

“With who? Are there some other people?” he asked and raised his eyebrow.

“N-no.” I gulped and stared at the ground.

“I can join her.” Louis suddenly said and stepped in the room. He rushed through his hair and stepped next to me. I looked up to him and made fists. I wanted to spend time alone.

“Yeah I´m okay with that. You two can leave.” Dad responded, without spending another second of attention. He turned back to his notebook and Louis gently grabbed my hand.


“How could you?!” I hissed, as we stepped out of the mansion. We walked the path over to the cars and Louis just rested his arm around my waist.

“Don´t be angry Cara.” he sighed and opened the car door, just as Niall walked over with piled up wood. He still just wore his trousers and sweat drops glanced on his forehead.

I threw a short gaze in his direction and tried to suppress a smile, like he did. Fast he looked away and tried to focus on the wood again, but I saw how his lips formed a weak smile. He bit his lower lip and then kept walking down to the stables, like nothing happened.

 Louis sat in the car and so did I. I sighed and buckled my seatbelt, before Louis started the engine and drove off.

“So you wanna leave in two weeks?” Louis asked and drove on the road in front of our mansion. I rested my hands on my lap and stared out of the window.

“I don´t want to leave home, but dad want me to catch up with good grades. He wants me to lead the mansion, when he isn´t able to anymore. “ I mumbled slowly.

“You know, I´ll help you Cara. I´m here for you.” Louis said quietly and gently grabbed my hand from my lap. 

“I don´t want this life Louis. Sometimes… sometimes I just wanna leave, like we promised each other when we were younger.” I mumbled again and pulled my knees at me chest.

Louis didn´t reply. He just focused on the road again and we didn´t speak a single word.


“What do you need?” he asked, as we got out of the car. The town was crowded by people and I had to smile slightly. It was like ages ago, that I felt so happy.

“Uhm I need… uhm books. For college…” I mumbled and avoided his gaze. Louis grabbed my hand, without saying something more and pulled me into the bookshop down the road. It was huge! A woman stood behind the counter and smiled politely. She knew that I belonged to some of the rich family´s here, because she immediately ignored the other customers and walked over to Louis and me. She had dark black hair, made up into a straight bun and wore a red blazer.

“May I help you?” she said with a thick British accent and smiled wide.

Louis nodded immediately and explained that I needed some books, to learn for college. I sighed and watched around. Why was he always here, to have an eye on me?

“I´ll just look around.” I mumbled and left him and the woman alone.

He changed so much…


As we finished the shopping trip, Louis decided to go for a walk through the city. The sun was about to set down and Louis bought ice cream for us. Strawberry for me and vanilla for him. With one hand he held his ice and with the other he grabbed my hand again and smiled weakly.

“Don´t be angry at me Honey… It´s just, I´m gonna miss you.” he said, as we walked down an alley. I sighed slightly and looked on the ground.

“I´ll miss you too Lou.” I whispered quietly and ate my ice cream.



It was already dark, as we got home lately. Mum said, that Dad left for some important stuff or something, but I knew, she wasn´t in the mood, to talk right now, so I left her and went up to my room. I knew, sometimes I was such a horrible and selfish daughter, but I didn´t mind. My parents didn´t wanted to spend one fucking second to me, so I had just myself and Louis, who was about to leave me.

I needed somebody right now. Just somebody, who held me close and said that everything would be okay… 

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