i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


4. The night at the river *flashback*

I took a deep breath, before I knocked slightly on the door of the old house, hoping Niall would already sleep. The door looked old and really dirty. This was the place, where the poor lived. It was dark here, just the moon shone on the dirty paths through the village. If somebody would catch me here, I´d be in big trouble. Mum had forbidden that I left the mansion. She´d be so angry, if she knew.

Tomorrow we would leave Ireland with the boat and Niall wouldn´t see his family for a long time. I felt so sorry for him. Sorry, because it was my fault that we needed a boy to play around with Louis and me. But I couldn´t change it anyways. Niall was forced to leave with Louis and me.

Suddenly the door swung open and his mother stood there in front of me. She had red eyes from crying and sobbed quietly.

“D-do you already l-leave?” she asked afraid and stepped backwards, trying not to cry even more.

“No, no! I-I just wanted to speak with Niall if he isn´t already asleep…” I whispered ashamed and didn´t dare to look in her eyes. What must she felt? We´d take her son away from her. We´d break her heart.

“Mum?” a sleepy voice asked from inside and I heard footsteps on the wooden ground of the tiny little house. “Niall? I thought you would sleep?” the woman said quietly and fast wiped her tears away. I stepped backwards and sighed slightly. He was awake.

“Mum, what happened?” he asked with his Irish accent, trying to sound strong, but I knew, that he had been crying too. His voice sounded weak and broken.

“Here´s someone, who wants to speak with you.” the woman said a little bit calmly and opened the door, making Niall see me through the gap. His eyes were red and his hair was made in a dirty quiff. Yet, he was so different from me. He was loved by someone and he loved.

“It´s okay mum, just give me a second, I´ll be back again.” he said after a while of silence and stepped through the door. He smiled weakly at me, because he was forced to. Not, because he liked me or something. I´d take him away from his family and yet he still smiled at me, because he had to. His life built on demands by other people.

Niall sighed slightly and closed the door behind us, still smiling weakly, but I stepped backwards.

“Please stop it.” I whispered ashamed and looked in his ocean blue eyes.

“Stop what?” he asked irritated and followed me. We´d take a walk. A long walk.

“Stop smiling. I know, you´d love to punch us. To hate us for taking you away from the people you love.” I said and looked at the ground, still taking small steps forwards. The ground was dirty, not like at home, but I liked it. In every house around us it was quiet, as we walked through the streets, making our way out of the small village.

I looked over at Niall, who tried to find the right words, but even he knew, that I was right. He really hated us, for doing this to him.

“It´s not your fault.” he said sighing after a while and put his dirty hands in his pockets. There were bruises on his knuckles, mostly from working outside. My hands would never look like that. We two came from different families, which made us to enemies. I was his owner…. although I don´t wanted it.

“I promise to give you everything I have Niall. I´ll share everything with you.” I said and tried to cheer him up a little bit, but I knew, it wouldn´t work.

Suddenly he growled and grabbed me at my shoulders.

“You think, money would make me happy?!” he growled angrily and glared coldly at me, which made me gasping in shock.

“N-no, of course not.” I shrugged and sounded like a coward, but he let go off of me immediately, as he realized, how far he had gone.

“I´m sorry, Ma´am” he mumbled and kept on walking next to me.

“Stop call me Ma´am, my name is Cara!” I sighed and kicked some small stones from the ground.


After a while of walking we reached the end of the village, coming out at some beautiful river. The water splashed quietly and the moon made the small waves sparkle. Niall took my hand gently and sat down on the grass, pulling me smiling with him. I sat next to him and let my feet touch the water.

“Cara isn´t a British name, you know?” he said after a while of silence and still held my hand. I blushed slightly and looked down at the water, while he raised his face and looked up to the stars. There we sat next to each other in the grass, the rich and the poor, not having any hostilities.

“My parents decided to name me like Cara Dillon. She´s an Irish singer, you know?” I explained shyly and touched the water with the tip of my shoes.

Niall chuckled slightly and looked back at me.

“So we both have Irish names?” he asked grinning, while he showed some adorable dimples.

“Yeah, I think so.” I laughed slightly and looked back at the cool water, which gently splashed against the tip of my shoes.

“Cara?” Niall said after a while of silence. It wasn´t awkward or embarrassing, we just sat here and played with the water like old friends.

“Yes?” I asked and still didn´t dare to look in his eyes. He had all the right to be angry or frustrated.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking me with you.” he suddenly spoke, which made me glaring up at him.

“What?!” I gasped with wide eyes and stared at him, but he just raised his face again and looked at the stars.

“Yes. I´ll work hard, I promise. And when I have enough money, I´ll come back and buy my family free. And I´ll protect and care for them.” he explained and a small smile hushed over his face.

Yet again I felt so guilty for everything.

“I wish there were more people like you.” I just simply said and got up. He looked up to me irritated and got up too.

“I gotta go home better. If somebody catches me, I´ll be in trouble. I just wanted to apologize for everything, I did to you Niall.” I said and left him right there at the river, where I wanted to sit again and talk. But there were differences between us. He was able to love somebody. 



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