i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


3. Our new servant *flashback*

“Wow, it´s amazing…” I whispered amazed as Niall grabbed my hand and pushed some grass aside, so we could walk through between the bushes and see the huge waterfall. Trees covered the waterfall from the flower fields, and nobody else was here. Just Niall, Louis and Me.

Louis stood behind me and gasped amazed from the beautiful view, like I did. There was a huge lake under the waterfall and the sun sparkled on the small waves.

“I´ve found this place a few years ago, when I went fishing.” Niall said and smiled. Ireland was the most beautiful country, I had ever seen. Green fields and the ocean blue sky around the warm sun, which made me smiling.

“I love this place. Everytime, I´m sad I´m coming here.” Niall said far away in his thoughts. His accent sounded so beautiful.

“Shall we go down here?”  He asked after a while and looked straight in my eyes. His ocean blued eyes got warm and sparkling, as he held out his hand for me.

“I know, I´m just some servant Ma´am, but would you allow me, to help you?” he said, as he realized, that I wasn´t the same like him. I was different. Rich and bigheaded.

“My name is Cara, not Ma´am.” I smiled, and took his hand, which made him laughing slightly.

“Cara? Maybe we should go. Your mum wouldn´t appreciate it, when we´d be away, without anybody knowing where we are.” Louis suddenly growled and grabbed my other hand, as Niall took the first step down the boulders.

“She´s busy with Siva. I wanna spend some time here, and you? We´d just annoy her. “ I replied begging and took a step down like Niall did.

“But we cou- SHIT!” Louis shouted, as the boulder under his feet slid away and he lost balance. He tried to grab something to hold on, but he slid away and fell down from the huge boulders.  


I heard a loud scream from below and immediately loosened my grip from Niall hands.


I stumbled afraid over the boulders and got on my knees, slowly staring down the cliff, where I sat. Louis lay down a few meters from here, gasping in pain. Bleed covered his forehead and he held his right arm.

I looked around, trying to find something, where I could come down to him.

“Louis, I´m coming! Just… just wait a second!” I tried to calm him down in a weak and shivering voice. My lips were shaking like my arms and tears were about to well up in my eyes, but I held them back.

“Cara, it´s okay.” Niall suddenly said and wrapped his hand around my wrist.

“I´ll help him.” he whispered, before he grabbed the edge of the boulder and slid over it.

“S-stop! You ca-“ I wanted to catch him, but he loosened his grip and jumped down the boulder. I gasped in shock, but Niall landed on his feet, without hurting himself. Fast he hurried over to Louis, who lay a few meters away from him, still whimpering.

I sat there on the cliff, about a few meters over them and watched down in shock. My hands were shaking and I wasn´t able to get up or do something to help Louis.

Niall slowly wiped the blood with his sleeve from Louis forehead and touched cautiously his arm, which made Louis crying out. Niall shrugged and bit his lower lip.

“I´ll fix this.” he mumbled and tore his jacked off. Slowly, afraid of hurting Louis again, he wrapped it around Louis arm and tied it together over his shoulder.  

“Everything will be okay.” he mumbled to Louis and slowly helped him up.





Mum shouted in shock and ran over to us, pulling her dress over her knees, to be faster.

Louis smiled weakly and stumbled over to mum, with Niall, who helped him walking by wrapping an arm around his shoulder. I walked next to them, still crossing my fingers and staring on the ground. Mum got on her knees in front of Louis, wrapped her arms around him and pulled him at her chest.

“Are you okay?” she whispered worried and rushed her fingers through his dirty hair.

“Yes Ma´am” he said weakly and loosened her grip around his chest. His arm was still tied up in Niall´s old jacket and there was some dry blood on his forehead.  

“What happened?” Mum asked and tears welled up in her eyes, which made me gasping slightly. I had never seen her crying before.

“It´s my fault Ma´am” Niall suddenly said and stepped forwards. Mum looked up to him and looked shocked.

“A servant?!” Siva growled and walked over to us, building fists.

“I´ll teach him to handle better with rich people!” he said angry and held up his hands.

“STOP!” I cut him off and rushed between him and Niall, who stared at me in shock.

“HE´S NO SERVANT! HE SAVED LOUIS! HE JUMPED DOWN THE BOULDER AND HELPED LOUIS ALL THE WAY HOME!” I shouted out and pushed Siva away, which made him growling even more.”

“How do you dare to-“ he began.

“Stop it Siva.” Mum cut him off simply and glared at him, which made Siva gasping in shock.

“Fine.” he spat after a while and left us.

Mum hugged Louis again tightly, before she stood up and looked down at us.

“I have to catch up with some things. Plans changed we´ll leave in two days.” she mumbled sighing and rubbed her forehead.

“Are we still taking servants with us?” Louis asked in a weak voice. Niall shrugged and looked at him with wide eyes. I understood him. For Louis servants were just normal people, who handled things for him. He didn´t see the persons in servants.

“Yes we are. We´re taking two families and a men.”  Mum said smiling and sat down on the couch.

“Are their kids in our age?” Louis asked brightened up, which made me sad. Why couldn´t he understand?

“Yes one family has a son in your age. I spend them a lot of money, so they decided to give me one of their sons. I did this for you two, so you could have someone to play with.” Mum said smiling.

Tears welled up in my eyes and my lips were shaking.

“B-but mum… He probably loves his parents. Y-you can´t take him away!” I begged, but mum just threw me a cold glare.

“We need somebody, who learns fast, so I wanted a young boy. The men have to handle things here in this village; I had no other choice Hun. At least their son must be really nice!” she tried to cheer me up, but I stepped backwards and crossed my arms.

“You can´t! How do you dare to destroy a family!” I yelled, and suddenly mum shot up angrily and grabbed me firmly.

“Don´t you dare ever talk to me like this again.” she growled angry.

Louis gasped and walked over to us, but Mum looked at him coldly and at least she pushed me away.

“We´ll head of in two days. You won´t leave the mansion.” she said and grabbed her books, wanting to leave the room.

“What´s his name?” Louis asked, before she stepped through the door.

“I remember his name was Horan or something.”

Suddenly there was a gasp next to me.

“N-Niall Horan?” Niall asked in shock and tears welled up in his blue eyes immediately.

He would go with us. 

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