i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


2. Niall *flashback*

“When are we there mum?” I asked and slid on the backseat of the car, while Louis played with the curls of my hair. His fingers tickled in my neck, and I tried to suppress and laugh, because he just would keep tickling me.

“You see that cottages? There the servants live.” Mum explained in trance and made notices in her notice-book. I sighed and leaned my back at Louis.

“You think there are nice kids?” he asked smiling and stared out the window.

“That´s nothing of your business. Those kids are soon-servants. You both are rich children, which shouldn´t waste their time with servants.” Siva cut us off and built fists. Mum threw him a cold look, but fast looked back at her book. The car drove on a side-road on its way to the little village.


As we got out of the car, there were servants already standing straight in a row. Louis looked amazed of the cozy, old houses behind them. There we could play! Looked a lot funnier than at home!

Mum smiled and walked over to some of the servants, which didn´t looked very happy. More like robots.

“I´m looking forward to meet you all!” mum said smiling, and Louis took my hand, looking over to a family. “They look nice, don´t they?” he whispered smiling.

There was a blonde woman with her husband, who looked a little bit worried. They held each other’s hand and in front of them stood two boys. The older one had blonde hair, like the boy next to him, but it was a nuance darker. They both looked over to us, but the older one seemed angry, as he saw Louis and me. The younger one, seemed in the same age like Louis and me, he even smiled shyly at us. They must have been brothers or something, because the blonde woman hugged them tightly, as she looked over to my mum.

It hit me, as I realized, why the parents were both sad. Mum would take them maybe with us and they had to leave their sons here.

Mum talked to Siva and then came over to Louis and me.

“Why don´t you two play with the other kids, while Siva and I catch up with some things?” she said smiling and left us again, after Louis just nodded. Siva followed her with some servants and Louis and I stood there alone.

“What shall we do Cara?” he asked after a while, because none of us was brave enough to walk over to some kids. I crossed my fingers and stared at the ground. Louis smiled at me and looked around then. There was a huge field, full with flowers, which reached to the village. There we could play and talk together, without Siva or mum interrupting us.

Suddenly there was a lightly tap on my shoulder. I turned around and looked in dark ocean blue eyes. It was the boy, who had been smiling at us all the time.

“My name is Niall, and yours?” he introduced himself smiling with a deep Irish accent. I smiled back shyly.  

“My name is Cara, and this is my friend Louis…” I answered politely and smiled. He had a blonde quiff and a lovely smile.

“You two must be the children of the rich woman.” Niall said and still smiled. He didn´t really looked like a rich child. He seemed tired and his fingers were red and dirty from work on the fields. Although he was in the same age like Louis and me, he had to work?

“Yes, I am, but Louis is just my friend. And you? You´re living here?” I asked smiling and looked back over the flower fields.

“A lil´ bit further down the river.” Niall explained.

“I bet it looks beautiful there.” I answered and smiled, but Louis didn´t seemed really happy. I didn´t wanted to ask him yet in front of Niall, we just met him.

Niall nodded and smiled at me.

“I can show you the place, if you want. There are a lot of flowers, more beautiful than here.” he smiled and held out his hand.

Louis built fists and glared at me, but I ignored him.

“Maybe, we should leave.” he growled and glared at Niall, but I just shot him a cold stare and took Niall´s warm hand.

“It´s amazing there! A lot of flowers and a huge amazing waterfall!” he smiled and gently grabbed my hands, pulling me down the way. Louis followed us and looked pissed, but I didn´t mind. I liked Niall. 

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