i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


7. He´ll protect me

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Three days passed by, until I finally left my room, to catch some fresh air. I had been studying at least all the time, I spent in my room, and so I wanted to calm down a little bit. College wasn´t that difficult, was it?

The sun was already about to set down as I sat down in the flower garden, without asking dad or somebody else. He was still away because of his job and I enjoyed the peace. There were some birds on our big balcony and the flowers were colored so beautiful. I lay down of some of the comfortable loungers and closed my eyes, trying to catch the last warm rays of the sun on my skin. Louis would be away this evening and I didn´t mind. I really wanted some peace.

“May I bring you something to drink, Ma´am?” a familiar voice asked smiling and I opened my eyes. Niall stood in front of me and grinned down at me, reaching a cold drink. I smiled and sat up, taking the cold drink.

“Thank you Niall! But how often I have to explain you, that I´m named Cara?” I asked laughing slightly and put the glass on the small table next to me.

“But, you´re a Ma´am for me.” Niall said grinning, knowing much I hated it. He rushed through his blonde quiff and slid over his shirt, trying to wipe away the dirt. I bit my lip, as my gaze went over his muscles. He really had become a man in the last years.

“Why don´t you sit down with me and take a short break from working?” I asked smiling, as I saw his wounded knuckles from working all the day. Niall made wide eyes and shook his head immediately.

“I can´t! You know!” he explained with a sad voice and stepped backwards again. I sighed slightly and stood up from the lounger.

“I´m sorry, I know how they would treat you…” I apologized and rushed through my hair.

But Niall didn´t mind and smiled slightly.

“What took you outside? I thought you would leave for college?” he said asking and smiled his adorable smile with his blue eyes shining bright.

“I just wanted a break from studying all the day.” I said sighing and took a sip from the cool water, Niall had brought me.

Suddenly his face brightened up and he smiled in such an adorable way, that it made me melting.

“I´ve found a beautiful lake outside, if you wanna join me?” he asked full of hope and reached out his dirty hand for me. Then, a moment later, he realized, that I wasn´t some normal person like him and he immediately took his hands away.

“Oh, I´m… I´m so sorry Miss.” he mumbled and fast stepped backwards, as if I was his biggest nightmare.

It hurted me in some way, that he actually tried to avoid me, but I still reached out for his hand and grabbed his slightly.

“I´d love to.” I blushed, which made him smiling lovely. It felt like nine years ago, as I had been knocking on his door, wanting to take him out.

He tightened his grip around my fingers slightly and helped me down the stairs.

“It´s not that far, and if you can´t walk anymore, I´ll carry you home.” he smiled and walked down the path with me. I had to chuckle and we walked between the flowers, colored like a rainbow.

“Just because my family is weak like that, doesn´t mean, that I am too!” I laughed, which made him blushing even more. We still held each other’s hands, but I didn´t mind. To have Niall around me felt… kinda good. He didn´t saw the rich girl in me. For him I would just be a normal girl, which wanted to be loved, and that was the thing, I liked about him.

“CARA?!” a familiar voice suddenly shouted from behind and I shot around, not believing, that he was there. Niall gasped and still held my hand.

“G-go… I´ll talk to him.” he mumbled and stepped in front of me, trying to protect me.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Louis yelled angrily and rushed over to us.

“Cara, I´ll manage this.” Niall mumbled, and still kept calm. 


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