i might have acted like i didn´t care but oh dear did i want to be in your arms


12. Good enough for him?

Let me hold your hands, when you´re lost…

“M-maybe you should better catch up with some sleep.” I whispered afraid and didn´t dare to look in his eyes. I had hurt him so much, just because I forced him to take a break from his work. How much did they hurt him?

I felt the heat in my veins, as he suddenly laid his hand gently on my cheek. I looked up in his ocean blue eyes, which were warm and so lovely. My heart pounded faster, as he gently rubbed his thumb over my cheeks, making me blush.

“You´re so beautiful…” he whispered in a warm voice and slightly leaned forwards. I could feel his hot breath against my cheeks and my lips started to shake.

I knew, in which kind of direction this would lead…

“N-Niall… You know…” I whispered quietly and slightly slid backwards. Immediately an expression of shock appeared on his face, just as if he would wake up from a long trance. He gulped and slid backwards in a hurry.

“I´m so sorry! I didn´t meant to… I just… I don´t know…” he apologized, but I just grabbed his hands and held them tight.

“Niall, I want it too. But you know, that we can´t.” I whispered and he blushed slightly, looking down at his feet.

“Y-you mean, I´m not good enough?” he asked hurted and loosened my grip around his hands, resting them on his lap.

I forced him to look at me and smiled weakly.

“Don´t think such silly things Niall. You deserved more love than anybody else here. But you know, how they´ll treat you, if somebody sees us. I don´t want to get you hurt.” I explained and he gently grabbed my hand, intertwining my fingers with his.

“I would take the consequences…” he mumbled and smiled weakly, looking into my eyes. I had to chuckle slightly and stood up.

“Try to sleep, okay? I´ll make sure, nobody comes up here in my room, when you´re sleeping.” I said and walked over to the door, trying to hide my sadness. If I wouldn´t be rich… I sighed slightly and opened the door, just as Niall jumped up from the bed, making large steps over to me.

Without words he pulled me at his chest and pressed his warm lips down at mine, making me gasp slightly. I closed my eyes and gently lay my hands in his neck, pulling him gently down to me.


I felt a tingle in my stomach, making me blush. Should I continue? 


Just got in trouble. Sorry, there will be more the next time.xx 

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